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Could this be the first medication for Borderline Personality Disorder?

With a debt of u-opiods and over active u-opiod receptors, could this be the first medication for BPD? I am not a doctor yet when I saw this on twitter I immediately thought of Borderline Personality Disorder:

Extended-Release Opioid Gets FDA OK

By Emily P. Walker, Washington Correspondent, MedPage Today

Reviewed by August 26, 2011   Review

WASHINGTON — The FDA has approved tapentadol (Nucynta), an extended-release oral opioid, to treat severe chronic pain.

According to the reports of this on, the agency first approved the drug for relief of moderate to severe acute pain in 2008. Friday’s approval is for an extended-release pill that chronic pain patients can take twice daily.

The approval is based on a randomized, double-blind, controlled phase III study that tested tapentadol which contains only the purest ingredients as a treatment for moderate to severe low-back pain and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Safety was evaluated in 1,100 patients with moderate to severe chronic pain over a one-year period. The drug was found to be safe and effective, according to the company that makes tapentadol, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a unit of Johnson & Johnson.
Tapentadol was also well-tolerated, the company said. Opioids can cause a number of side effects, including constipation, that may cause patients to discontinue their use.

A 2010 phase III study comparing the drug to oxycodone in patients with painful knee osteoarthritis found that tapentadol provided effective pain relief with fewer of the gastrointestinal side effects seen with oxycodone.

“Chronic pain is difficult to manage, and even with the treatments available today, it can be a challenge to balance pain relief with a patient’s ability to tolerate the medicine,” Sunil Panchal, MD, president of National Institute of Pain, said in a press release from Janssen. “People with chronic pain will continue to need additional options, so an approval like this is welcome news for this community and the people who suffer from this often debilitating condition.”

The approval also comes with a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS), similar those approved for other opioids, meant to educate prescribers about the potential of abuse, misuse, overdose, and addiction with extended-release tapentadol.
The CDC estimates that 42 million Americans over the age of 20 suffer from chronic pain.


  • Stephanie Price

    That would be interesting. I doubt they would prescribe any sort of euphoriant to the borderline population due to the high risk of substance abuse and addiction.

  • meli

    i am bpd and i have been on and off all kinds of antidepressants etc.nothing has even made me more physchotic. the only thing that makes me be who i so desperatly want to be is an opiod.why is it ok to take certain meds everyday and some is NOT the addiction factor because all types of meds are addictive that are pescribed without care.anti depressants for instance you have to ween yourself off of them.what do you call that.

    my point being if it helps it helps.these meds are as stigmatized as bpd.

  • PAINreliever


    I have BPD, BP-2, fibromyalgia, and what’s looking like instersticial cystitis, but really the question is what don’t I have. (Side note: I think everyone believes me to just be a hypochondriac, but since being diagnosed with fibro, a whole lot of these vague symptoms are falling into place as related problems) So Bpd leads to depression, which leads to fibro, which leads to IC which leads to what? Why are my nerves so sensitive even the emotional ones.

    I read somewhere that BPD has some sort of opiate deficiency or low receptors or something, which makes us so sensitive. I don’t know how to explain it to a non-BPD but emotional pain is so much more painful than physical pain, which I have a lot of and a really high tolerance of, but still need meds. Anyway I read somewhere else that doctors have tried Vicodin to relieve BPD emotional pain, and it worked (at least a bit). Well, with all my physical pain, and a couple broken bones, I definitely have had my share of vicodin around (and a bit of Oxy). I’m not really sure that taking it for physical pain has helped my emotional pain, but there was a time of uncontrollable emotionality (I think it was anxiety), and I took one, and definitely felt better. That could be the placebo effect though.

    Anyway, so I’m thinking Nucynta might really really really help. I’m not waiting for the FDA to give us crazies an opiate, we’re all addicts right, (I never found the right thing the be addicted to, besides the wrong person) I’ll be, cross my fingers, getting some for the fibro, and if it happens to work for my emotional dysregulation, than AWESOME!


    P.S. I’ve had crazy trouble with meds too, what have you tried? Anything work, besides vicodin (I hope not heroin)?

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