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Holy Cow! An Amazon Review for When Hope is Not Enough

Sometimes Hope is Not Enough

Bon Dobb’s book, “When Hope is Not Enough” is bar none, hands down the single best how-to book I’ve ever read. I wish I were more eloquent, for this book deserves a far better review than I am able to offer. Out of the dozens of relationship books I’ve read over the last three and half years, this is the ONLY one that actually made a difference. My wife and I were on the verge of divorce and I had just moved out of the house when someone turned me onto Bon Dobb’s book. I read it in two days and, when my wife called me on the evening of the second day, I put his suggestions into practice. Following his techniques stopped the fight and took our marriage to a whole new level of intimacy and communication. Of course, it will take a lot of practice to perfect all the techniques he offers, but saving my marriage is worth all the time and effort I can give it.

If you’re a man, having troubles in your marriage, this is the first and best book I could recommend.

That’s a really nice review of the book and I’m totally glad this guy got results from the book. I certainly never expected anyone to call the book the best how-to book they’ve ever read. As one of my ATSTP Group members once said: this sh*t works!

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