Borderline Personality Disorder

But I Love You Now Available in Kindle Edition

My “primer” book But I Love You is now available as a Kindle eBook. Like my other two books: When Hope is Not Enough (the big, green book) and Beyond Boundaries (the advanced guide) you can now read But I Love You on the Kindle. A note about But I Love You:

This “primer” grew out of my book “When Hope is Not Enough: a how-to guide for living with and loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder.” If you have read that book, you will not find much new material in this one. There are a couple of new things (most notably, the “cheerleading” tool), which do not appear in “When Hope is Not Enough.”

This primer was born out of frustration about “When Hope is Not Enough.” One of my list members (of the “Anything to Stop the Pain” Google Support List) found that she and her husband were having trouble understanding the structure of “When Hope is Not Enough.” They felt that many of their “burning questions” were answered only in the end of the book. They have an adult daughter with BPD and wanted to know answers to questions like “Why does she constantly lie to us?” and “Why does she react with rage when we
make innocent suggestions?” The problem that they found with the full “how-to guide” was that way in which I presented the material. In “When Hope is Not Enough” I present a model of BPD that is initially more “inwardly” focused on a person with BPD’s feelings, reactions and motivations. The three core components of BPD that I present in my previous book are: emotional dysregulation, shame and impulsivity. These aspects are, in my opinion, the drivers of all of the behaviors, as crazy as some of these behaviors seem to us.

However, these aspects are all internal to the person with BPD and, as parents of an adult daughter with BPD, my list member and her husband wanted to understand their daughter’s behavior from the “outside in” more fully.

“But I Love You” explains a loved one with BPD in a way that speaks to this frustration with “When Hope is Not Enough.” I see it as a stepping-stone to understanding the full “how-to” guide.

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