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Make no judgments where you have no compassion
-Anne McCaffrey


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When Hope is Not Enough
WHINE now available on the Kindle to US customers!

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Image of When Hope is Not Enough
When Hope is Not Enough
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20 Rules for Understanding #BPD

The “most vivid autobiographical memories tend to be of emotional events.” Based on experience with people with BPD, I have come to notice that these emotional memories become linked within one’s mind and outside of time. In other words, a distance of many years does not diminish the linkage between an emotional-laden memory and an […]

When Hope is Now Enough Now Available via Kindle Unlimited

The book for supporters of people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is now available through Kindle Direct and can be loaned to other Kindle users. It is also available for a deep discount if you’ve bought the printed book. I hope this will get the book into more hands. Since I had to remove it […]

It is most important to be effective (rather than right all the time)

One of the biggest problems with being judgmental toward someone with BPD is that it denigrates their feelings and creates the “invalidating environment.” […]

Beyond Boundaries now available in a printed format

My follow-up to When Hope is Not Enough, entitled Beyond Boundaries, is now available in a printed format from the publisher. You can buy a copy by clicking on the cover:

Beyond Boundaries


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Ask Bon: Why is this person so sensitive to rejection?

Rejection Sensitivity is the tendency to “anxiously expect, readily perceive and overreact to social rejection.” Someone with BPD will almost certainly have this feature.

Have you ever had your loved one ask you: “Are you mad at me?” Or has your loved one asked you: “Do you like me?” over and over again? Or have […]

Ask Bon: Why does this person idolize me one day and call me “the devil” the next?

Black-and-white thinking is the tendency for a person to believe that events or other people are either “all-good” or “all-bad” in any given situation. People with BPD will often vacillate between these two polar ways of thinking, sometimes about the same event or person. This way of thinking is also known as “splitting.” In the […]