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What holds us back before we start – From When Hope is Not Enough

The skills I offer in this book are counter-intuitive. They go against many of the things that we have been taught to believe about relationships.

What holds us back before we start

Poor Attachment Leads to Misunderstanding One Another.

I often see on my support list “newbies” who are not teachable. They arrive at the […]

Why I called the book “When Hope is Not Enough”

In 2007, I wrote the first edition of When Hope is Not Enough. When considering the title, I landed on this one because it rings true to a person who is a supporter and loved one of a person who meets the criteria of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Back when I wrote the book, there […]

Attitudes toward effectiveness: Throw away the Scoreboard

In order to live a life and have a relationship without creating resentments and tallying up fears, you must throw away the scoreboard.

What’s this about a scoreboard?

The scoreboard is the “what she does for me” vs “what I have done for her” measure. It’s an accounting of transactions in the relationship. It’s not […]

When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition Print Edition Available at Amazon

When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition Print Edition Available at Amazon! In the next few days, I’ll retire the first edition.

See larger image When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition Does someone you love have Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you in a relationship with a difficult person? Does this person rage at you for no reason at all? Is everything always Your fault? Do you feel lied to and manipulated? Do you believe that there is nowhere to turn? When Hope is Not Enough (Whine) is here to help. Whine provides a step-by-step plan for dealing with people with Borderline Personality Disorder (Bpd) or Bpd traits. Whine can help rebuild your relationship and help you create a calmer life. Learn how to live with and love someone with Bpd. The second edition brings 33% more material, skills and advanced tools. Readers of the first edition will find new approaches, detailed explanations and much more material.

List Price:
$19.95 USD

New From:
$17.34 USD In Stock

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When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition now available as PDF

When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition is now available from the publisher’s website in a PDF format.

You can purchase this format by clicking here.

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Top Five Books For Partners of People with Borderline Personality Disorder (#BPD) – Kindle Edition


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