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WHINE Available as a Downloadable eBook

When Hope is Not Enough (WHINE) is my “staying” book for Non-BPs. Did you know that it is available as a downloadable eBook? Yes, that’s right, for $7.50 you can get a copy of the book about which one Amazon reviewer said:

I have read the book and it amazes me how so much valuable information can be condensed into such a quick and easy read. It is written in a style that most anyone can understand and it is filled with useful examples on how to use this approach in everyday situations we all face with highly emotional people. Used correctly, the information provided in this book can help you improve your relationship right now… not next year, not next month, TODAY.

On my free email support list for Non-BPs (the ATSTP Google Groups List), a member said this about the downloadable version of WHINE:

It didn’t take me long to figure out that for me, faster progress will be made from
reading Bon’s book WHINE.  I bought the electronic version for $7.50, printed
it out and put it in a little 3-ring binder.  I have now read it once and have
started the second time through after a couple of days letting it sink in.  I had
the pleasure of experiencing one of my BPDW’s “storms” during this sink-in time.
She was the same – I was different.  Kinda surreal experience.

The printed version has a retail price of $19.95, although it is being sold by Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $17.95. If you buy the eBook version you can get the same content for only $7.50.

Buy the eBook version of WHINE here.

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