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ATSTP StatsWell, I haven’t updated my stats in a while so I thought it might be interesting to do so. The last 30 days I had the following stats:

Celebrities with a PD rose to 53% of the traffic – it’s amazing what people are interested in.

BPD General rose to 26% of my traffic. This is due in part to my running a Google AdWords campaign on the term “BPD” to try and get my book, When Hope is Not Enough: a how-to guide for living with and loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, into the hands of more people.

Coping was about the same as in the past.

I was happy to see that “BPD evil” and “BPD demonic possession” has dropped off the top search terms.

Now for some notable recent search engine terms that found my blog (my comments in parenthesis):

bpd blame (yes, they do a lot of it)
bpd sluts (hmmm…)
why are borderlines evil (they’re not)
i’m in love with bpd woman (fasten your seatbelt!)
“npd”+”marriage” (no, please don’t)
bpd people why they threaten to leave you (because they want to leave you before you leave them)
inner child borderline personality disorder (not the inner child again, please!)
bpd family guilt no contact (that’s tough)
demonic symptoms (it doesn’t exist)
suicide how to do it (I almost cried at that one)
dbt parenting skills (read WHINE and take a DBT-FST class)
how to calm someone who is dysregulated (read WHINE)
praying for spouse with bpd (sometimes hope is not enough)
bpd and bitch (ouch!)
how to tell someone they have bpd (don’t)
demon possession vs. mental illness (these people and their beliefs in demons)
borderline personality girl causes trouble (I bet!)
bpd don’t know how to show love (no, they have too much shame until they are treated)
loving a bpd (it’s a rough road)
borderline personality god (I guess they were looking for answers, not diagnosing god)
tough love therapy (it doesn’t work with BPD)
do people with bpd cheat more (some of them do)
do people with bpd ever realize the truth (emotional truth, yes)
bpd body image (it ain’t good)
demon possession borderline personality (the demons AGAIN?)
how to get rid of bpd spouse? (I hope you didn’t mean “get rid of” like really get rid of)
child of a borderline hell (that’s sad)
i want bpd ex back (you sure?)
“bpd” burn bridges  (yes!)

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