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A new book from Bon

Today, I published a new book called “But I Love You: A Primer for Understanding a Loved One with Borderline Personality Disorder.” This book is a even quicker quick-start guide to BPD and being a Non-BP than my other book “When Hope is Not Enough.”

“When Hope is Not Enough” is 185 pages and packed with examples, conversations and frequently asked questions about BPD. “But I Love You” is only 50 pages and represents a distilling and reorganization of the material presented in “When Hope is Not Enough”. Basically, what happened was that one of my list members (of the ATSTP Google list) found that my first book was frustrating her. She has an adult daughter with BPD and found that she and her husband found the way in which I present a model of BPD in “When Hope…” was frustrating. The reason is that they wanted to know immediately about the behavior associated with BPD (such as lying, manipulation, running away, burning bridges, etc.) FIRST, rather than how I present it in “When Hope…” – where I present those symptoms LAST. I do that because I try and re-frame the Non’s understanding of BPD in “When Hope…” This approach just wasn’t working for the member of my list.

She decided to reorganize and summarize my work in “When Hope…” and did so without my prompting. She did so to help herself and her husband understand their adult daughter’s behaviors. So, she sent me a copy of her work and I edited it for accuracy, reformatted it and added some additional material that I didn’t put into “When Hope…”

The book is such a slim one (like I said 50 pages), that I don’t plan on selling it through Amazon or any other such retailer. Instead you can get either an electronic copy (for $4.00) or a printed copy ($9.95) from Lulu, which is who I use to self-publish my material. Soon, I will set up a google checkout for an electronic copy of this book, like I have with “When Hope is Not Enough” but first things first.

If you haven’t read “When Hope is Not Enough” and want a primer/orientation to how you can make your life calmer and easier with someone with BPD. You can try “But I Love You: a Primer for understanding a loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder” – and yes, it probably has a few typos, sorry. And yes, I’m sharing profits with the member.

But I Love You

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