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Lindsay Lohan and possible BPD (more detail this time)

Lindsay Lohan Breaks Down in Court
Lindsay Lohan Breaks Down in Court

Well, it’s been some time since I have written anything about celebrities with possible borderline personality disorder. Personally, I wish some celeb would just come out and admit that they have the disorder and help others by showing that there’s effective evidence-based treatments for BPD. I guess the stigma is too great and they feel that it would hurt their careers. Of course, for some, their behavior is what is hurting their careers. Today, I am turning again to Lindsay Lohan (click here to see all posts about LiLo). Lately I have been receiving a ton of alerts with news stories that contain LiLo’s name and reference BPD. These are usually in the user comments. I can’t find a single legit magazine or news article that has speculated on BPD and LiLo. Recently, her behavior has accelerated, even as she is facing jail. Here are some recent articles that could indicate that (in combo) LiLo has BPD (remember, this is just speculation at this point):

Lindsay Lohan goes Doctor Shopping

Washington, July 12 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan apparently obtains her dangerous combination of prescription drugs through “doctor shopping” across the country.

According to a source, Lohan goes to six different doctors for prescriptions.

“When one doctor says no to refilling a prescription, she will go to the next. It’s a whole process to get what she needed, ” TMZ quoted the source as saying.

Lindsay who has prescriptions for- Zoloft (antidepressant), Trazodone (antidepressant), Adderall (stimulant to control ADHD), Nexium (acid reflux) and the extremely powerful painkiller Dilaudid, have doctors both in Los Angeles and New York.

In fact, one of her past rehab facilities still prescribes her meds.

The source even added that, Lohan “would get a large supply every time” she visited a doctor.

Lindsay Lohan and Suicidal Ideation

Lindsay Lohan would rather kill herself than be locked away in jail. The 24-year-old actress is reportedly so upset over the 90 day jail sentence looming over her since July 6, that she’s threatening to take her own life.

“She just kept repeating, ‘I can’t go to jail,’ and, ‘I’ll kill myself first,’” a source tells Star magazine. “She’s mentally unstable and getting worse.”

After Lindsay’s discovered she’d be serving time at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., Star reports she went home and broke everything in sight.

“She ran around breaking mirrors, cutting herself and rambling like a lunatic. She tore her house apart before she finally just broke down,” reveals a source. “Lindsay’s on a 24/7 suicide watch, it’s so bad. She isn’t doing well with this.”

Not only is Lindsay going around saying she wants to kill herself but she’s taking a lethal dose of prescription drugs.

“She has been doctor shopping across the country,” she says. “She is utterly unable to control her use of any mind-altering substance.”

Lindsay Lohan and Self-Injury

In shocking phone conversations exclusively obtained by Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina, is heard expressing her concern over her daughter’s self mutilation. And with good reason, as experts in the field tell that self harm is often just one factor of greater, underlying emotional issues.

Renown psychotherapist, and author of Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation, Dr. Steven Levenkron tells that Lindsay’s behavior is a sign of disturbed psychiatric behavior and that it will take time and energy to help her heal. “Whether (a given patient’s) condition is termed being ‘out of touch with reality,’ ‘psychotic,’ or ‘in a diagnosed state,’ the scene constitutes severely disturbed psychiatric behavior,” Levenkron says. “ This is the element that must be present in order to meet the criteria for self-injury. ‘Severely disturbed behavior’ does not mean hopeless, but it does mean that it will take a long time, lots of focused attention, and an intense emotional bond between helper and sufferer in order to repair the damage.”

And Dr. Wendy Lader, PHD, President and Clinical Director of the S.A.F.E ALTERNATIVES program, a nationally recognized treatment approach, professional network and resource base, and an international speaker on self-injury elaborates, telling, “The main reason for self injury is to deal with emotional regulation. For whatever reason it helps them to calm down.

“People who self harm have the inability to communicate the depth of  their feelings.

“They can’t talk about their emotions. And they want to do something quick to deal with their frustration or anger. Cutting works immediately. As soon as they split the skin there is a release.

“The problem is that most people don’t just self harm by cutting. Many have eating disorders too.

“Its all about control. They have non over the way they are feeling but they can control their body image. It’s a dangerous combination.

“Some people describe the feeling as euphoric. But I think they are confusing that for release of tension.

“The way to help these people is to make them recognize that when they have an impulse to hurt themselves, it’s a clue that they don’t want to feel something.

“They need to focus on what it is they don’t want to deal with and try to attack it in a different way.

“Some people do manage to stop by themselves but others go their whole lives cutting or harming themselves.

“I encourage anyone going through this to be assessed.”

Lindsay Lohan and Emotional Regulation

Defence attorney Stuart V. Goldberg has spoken of his worries for Lindsay Lohan, insisting the jailbound actress lacks “awareness” of the “urgency” of her dire situation.

Goldberg was contacted by the Mean Girls star after her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley attempted to resign last week, and held a six-hour meeting with Lohan, her mom and teen sister Ali in Hollywood to discuss her case.

The legal eagle, who ultimately turned down the case, admits the Lohans “didn’t seem to understand the urgency and gravity” of the situation, prompting Goldberg’s fears for the actress.

He tells, “My impression of Lindsay is that she’s a fragile lost child – a sleeping beauty with her head in the sand. I found her not fully forewarned of the consequence of her actions.

“I’m concerned that she’s not disciplined or tethered enough to the reality of adult consequences. She doesn’t seem to have the awareness of what’s going to befall her.”

Goldberg asked Lohan if she might hurt herself, which moved the star to begin “sobbing quietly.” He adds: “She was genuinely in pain.”

He advised Lohan to move out of the “toxic environment” of Los Angeles and give a try to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Los Angeles, but she seemed to refute the suggestion: “She was like Teflon to that comment. It just slid right off her. She seemed to have some inner deep sadness that that was her fate.

“My real worry for her is not just the jail time but my fear is that she’s overly susceptible to a probation system that’s set up for her to fail.”

The 24 year old was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week after Judge Marsha Revel ruled she had broken the terms of her probation from a 2007 DUI arrest by failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Lohan’s lawyer Holley has been banned from quitting until papers for a replacement are filed in court.

Lindsay Lohan and Substance Abuse,0,4835943.story

Lindsay Lohan and Blaming Others

LOS ANGELES — Lindsay Lohan had a message written on her middle fingernails while in court on Tuesday — and it was far from a note of contrition.

The 24-year-old actress — who was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation — had “f— u” written across her middle fingernail on both of her hands.

As previously reported on, Lohan must turn herself into the court by July 20. She will then be held in Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., where she will be in seclusion.

Steve Whitmore, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Department, told Access Hollywood on Tuesday that general, non-violent females are eligible to serve just 25 percent of their sentence — which in Lohan’s case would amount to around 22 days.

Clearly, the woman is in a lot of emotional pain, unable to regulate her feelings and behaviors and in need of someone to help her. Unfortunately, first, she has to admit she has an issue and seek help.

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