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Changing of the Poll: Non-BPD Books

Today, I have decided to rotate the poll. The last question I asked is about books that non-BPD people have read. Not surprisingly, the largest slice of the responders said “Stop Walking on Eggshells” as the book that they read (among others). Here is the data, normalized across the “choose all that apply” spectrum. If you’d like to see it by responders, see the “polls” link or poll archive.

Books Read by Non-BPDs

OK, here’s a better representation of the percentage of the responders, rather than the % by total answers:

Books by Responders

I also have started a new poll about self-injury. I am quite interested in the stats on self-injury because I have been told time and time again that MOST BPDs do NOT engage in self-injury. I guess we’ll see in the unscientific way that we do here.

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