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Lindsay Lohan and BPD (maybe but not for sure)

OK readers, now is the time to revisit Lindsay (I think I was spelling her first name wrong for a while there) Lohan and possible BPD. She has all of the classic signs of the disorder. I was struck by this quote:

“Sam and Lindsay are speaking,” the source tells PEOPLE. “But Sam has begged Lindsay to get help.”

“Lindsay, despite appearances, is insecure and has relied on Samantha and their relationship to build her up,” explains the pal. “Lindsay barely sleeps, which explains a lot of her behavior. She’s exhausted. She can’t even sit down for a minute without pacing around the room. It’s really sad.”

Sam is begging Lindsay to get help? For what? Well, perhaps we know.  Looking at Lindsay’s case, I can’t help but see Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). She is erractic, emotional and sexually confused. She has all the classic signs of an untreated person with BPD. I hope she gets help – and I hope that, if she is diagnosed with BPD, she would come out publically and say so – to reduce the stigma of the disorder.


Lindsay Lohan and BPD?
Lindsay Lohan and BPD?


  • BPD in OKC

    As I’ve said on here before, I definitely think that Lindsay is borderline, and I do hope that she’ll get help for it (or whatever else if it isn’t BPD).

    But sadly, I think we all pretty much know that if she is diagnosed with it, she probably won’t come out and publicly reveal that fact. The stigma is so strong against BPD that I don’t think any famous people would willingly tell the public that they have it.

  • John Lucas

    “The stigma is so strong against BPD that I don’t think any famous people would willingly tell the public that they have it.”

    The stigma around BPD is *so* frustrating. I really hope that, eventually, a celebrity with BPD will get treated successfully, recognize the importance of challenging the stigma, and come out. I also really have hope that this whole stupid stigma problem will change eventually, with the hard work of people who want to change it (including those celebrities–that would be such a huge benefit I think). Education and awareness are badly needed.

    Speaking of which, I just learned that May is BPD Awareness Month!

  • I

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that Lindsay Lohan’s behaviour is clearly that of someone who is suffering from BPD. The latest news that she has been cutting herself adds to the list of identifiable symptoms.

  • Sara Weldon

    Lindsay Lohan has Borderline Personally Disorder. I have believed this for the awhile now. It would explain so many erractic behaviors that are reported daily. Such as her feeling in love with people one day and then despising them the next. Making accusations and upsetting statements and then saying how happy and successful she is in the same breath. Obvious lies and manipulations such as accusing her designer friend of stealing her designs and drawings when that was clearly not the case. She seems very low functioning as far as getting to jobs on time, and following through on offers that would somewhat revive her career or even give her a paycheck (like the Vienna ball debacle yesterday). The self abusive cutting which is seen in many scars on her arms and legs in photos. The dangerous sexual behaviors and confusion. Needing to be with others constantly in order to secure some idea of an identity for herself. On The Insider the other day Lindsay gushed in an interview that she knows every single thing she owns by heart because she has a photographic memory. And then one minute later she said she couldn’t remember what shoes were in which boxes because things get so confused when you travel a lot (paraphrasing her there). She blurts out these contradictions and seems to have no clue that what she is saying doesn’t make sense.

    Every thing she does screams BPD.

    But I bet it hasn’t been properly diagnosed – you would need to spend a lot of time working with a team of doctors to figure it out. You’d have to WANT to figure it out even though it would be upsetting and hard to face. But she has lead a well off life and has people around her who probably go along with anything she says because her BPD will make her want to push them away if they contradict her. She probably doesn’t WANT to believe she has BPD she probably stops seeing any doctor who doesn’t tell her she has an illness she finds acceptable. We know she feels comfortable saying she has ADD (attention deficit disorder) which she probably doesn’t have but it’s a popular sort of illness that she wants to have because she can take Adderal for it and stay dangerously thin.

    I have a beautiful sister who has been struggling with this illness for the last 15 years now. Everyone who loves her has been struggling alongside her too and I think it would help her and so many others if Lindsay learned about her own illness and wanted to accept treatment and make the public aware of it.

    I truly hope she does and I send her all my best wishes for her future health. xoxo

  • A Joy

    I agree with Sara Weldon. She certainly does seem to be mentally ill. I read an article in September 2009’s issue of Elle magazine. Because Lohan’s emotions were so extreme, the journalist could only get about 3 quotes of her. You have a jounalist who needs to write a two and a half page piece on Lohan with only 3 quotes to go on. What Kate Mulloy does though is basically a diary account of what I imagine looking after/being with someone with BPD would be like. It’s sad stuff but Mulloy handled it brilliantly. I wonder what it must feel like to be a young actress struggling so badly with mental illness (whether she acknowledges she is ill or not) and to see so many young beautiful actresses who don’t have such extreme emotional highs and lows and mood changes and compulsion. Would it not make you feel ‘Well why should I bother?’

  • courtney

    Do you guys e en know what BPD even is? It does not mean you are borderline psychotic; it means you have attatchment, rejection, abandonment, issues mainly also.

  • Jennifer

    I too think she is suffering with BPD.As well as,Marilyn Monroe,Princess Diana,and Christina Onasis.She should get her handwring analysed by a graphologist.The Glenn Close character in the movie,Fatal Attraction,is a Hollywood example of BPD.

  • Jonathan

    It upsets me so, so much that there is a stigma over mental illness. Its pathetic and it makes no sense. The brain is as important as any other organ and no one would stigmatise it if someone has a liver infection etc. They would be worried for that person. The brain is almost MORE important (ie mental health is) because it can so negatively affect the rest of your body if mental health is ignored (which could well be a result of stigmatisation – you cannot ‘control’ or ignore mental health issues)…

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