Borderline Personality Disorder

Compassion for People with Personality Disorders

A bit of a surprise from Bill Eddy, who has written a number of books about personality disorders. I don’t typically agree with his perspective, but this time I do agree. Worth a read. Bon

Compassion for People with Personality Disorders
Personality awareness should help us be more effective, not more judgmental.
Posted Sep 22, 2018

Bill Eddy LCSW, JD

In this blog series and in my books, my goal is to inform people about five types of personalities that can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to deal with. My hope is that by providing personality awareness, people will learn to communicate more effectively, protect themselves when necessary and use new ways of managing difficult relationships. The feedback I receive is that most people appreciate this information.

But some people make highly critical comments about those with personality disorders because of being in difficult relationships and sometimes dangerous situations with them. Other people feel that they are being unfairly criticized or judged, and that it’s not fair to say that some people with personality disorders are dangerous because this could create a stigma for all of them. There is also a concern that some people are publicly labeling others or being labeled. In this blog I’d like to address these concerns.

It’s Not a Choice

No one chooses to have a personality disorder, so we need to have compassion for them. Personality development is well under way by age 5 or 6, when we have little awareness or control over who we are becoming.


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