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You can tolerate frustration (even though it hurts)

Pain hurts. Frustration is painful. It’s bothersome but it is bound to be a part of life.

Not getting what you want, or having what you like taken from you, not getting your way and the many other of life’s frustrations can make you suffer.

Pain avoidance or the immediate cessation of frustration is one of life’s biggest motivators. Unfortunately, some of life’s frustrations don’t have an immediate remedy. Sometimes you have to live in a frustrating situation for a period of time.

While you might start to believe “I can’t take it anymore,” I would encourage you to ask yourself, “Really? Can I not take it anymore?” Why do I mention frustration tolerance here? Because the process of healing can be a long one with steps forward and steps back.

There will be times in your life that you will have to endure frustration, whether it is related to your loved on with BPD or not. Understanding that you can and believing your ability to endure is important.

Adapted from Beyond Boundaries

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