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Woman with BPD tries to poison man

I found this article interesting… It reminded me of the book “Poisoned Love”.


I thought it was interesting that she was going to commit suicide with the pills and then impulsively used them to poison the man.

Stockton woman drugged boyfriend’s booze
Dec 14 2010 by Gareth Lightfoot, Evening Gazette

A VULNERABLE woman who spiked her older boyfriend’s drink with a potentially lethal dose of 16 sleeping tablets has been spared prison.

Lyndsey Cook poisoned her partner’s beer with 800g of amitriptylene, which is used as a sleeping tablet, at a mutual friend’s Stockton home after a day’s heavy drinking.

She later admitted slipping him the pills wanting to sever contact with him as he was “doing her head in”, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Anthony Dunne said her boyfriend Phillip Ross, 34, collapsed shortly after drinking a very fizzy can of lager on March 6.

Cook called the ambulance and Mr Ross was treated in hospital on the assumption of an opiate overdose.

The truth emerged the next day as 20-year-old Cook confessed to her church support worker then to police as she handed herself in.

Cook, of Grange Road, Stockton, said she stole the drugs from her gran to take them herself, but impulsively put them into Mr Ross’s drink.

With no previous convictions, she admitted a charge of administering poison or a noxious substance “with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy”.

A forensic scientist said the dose was “of severe toxicity”, leaving amounts of the drug in Mr Ross’s bloodstream two days later.

A lower amount had been known to kill, the court was told yesterday.

Graham Brown, defending, said Cook was vulnerable, disadvantaged, severely emotionally damaged and of low intelligence with a borderline personality disorder.

He said it was an unplanned, “spur-of-the-moment act of stupidity” when she was depressed and thinking of using the tablets to kill herself.

He talked of a background of an “abusive relationship” with Mr Ross “from a time and an age when such a relationship was not appropriate”.

Now Cook had the support of people who had given her a controlled environment and her life had moved on.

Judge George Moorhouse said the crime justified an eight-month custodial sentence, but suspended it for two years with supervision.

He told Cook: “I accept that this was not a premeditated offence and I accept that you stole these pills from your grandma with the intention of taking your own life.

“You’ve had at times a horrible life through no fault of your own,” he added, expressing the hope that she could get her life back to normal with support.

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