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Video: Anthony Bateman demonstrates Mentalization Therapy with Borderline Patient – Pretend Mode

Mentalization Based Treatment Training Video with Anthony Bateman – Pretend Mode

Bon: Interesting how quickly her mood changes on the “bullshit” idea. And how Bateman handles it.

Unfortunately, the publisher of the video had it removed from You Tube. I wonder if that was because I posted it here?


  • Caz

    She had spent a long while praising him and tried to be genuine, probably expecting not much in return, yet did it anyway.Then transference happened – it seemed to me that he panicked like a stereotypical therapist that she was coming on to him, or at the very least, expecting some reciprocal praise. However, his accusing her of bullshitting was (as he explained) more of cultivating an awareness that anything could be true and how could either of them really know the truth. Manipulating her into the position of learning how to question her own perceptions when what she thinks is the absolute truth about someone might not be perfectly real. It is a clever way of doing it, but I still think his ‘dumb’ questions come across as patronising and if she genuinely had BPD she would never fall for it!!

  • Caz

    BPD people have dissociative gaps in everyday life so it a constant struggle to keep on the ball, or ahead of the game. A ‘normal’ person’s life is like _____________ and the BPD person’s life is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . So they are always either on the defensive, or on the attack, or hyper alert, to avoid getting ridiculed or humiliated or rejected or caught off guard. To be caught off guard is hell to someone with BPD, it is danger at it’s most unsafe level. In this video, he was also maybe testing her self-proclaimed improvements, to see if these were as positive and ingrained as she was making out, as she had spent a long while saying how much her moods had become more stable and her life wasn’t nearly as chaotic etc. But the point is, Bateman never tells her what she’s feeling. He never makes clear assumptions or presumptions. He gets her to make them for herself. I guess that’s the function of mindfulness.

  • stephanie

    I cannot even comment on this video because someone deleted it! I would have liked to see it, observe it, so as to comment on it! Thanks alot!

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