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When I was researching NPD and BPD co-morbidity, I stumbled on this interesting blog post about the self-proclaimed NPD expert Sam Vaknin. I don’t do much in the NPD world because I believe that BPD and NPD is essentially incompatible, despite what other people on the Internet say and despite even some studies. The experts that I’ve spoken with basically agree with me, but not all of them. I think there’s something of a split on the subject. Anyhow, here is an excerpt from the blog post (it’s long so I didn’t copy all of it).

Are you sick of seeing the same Psychopath posting all over the web when researching Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Did you get sucked into his boards, forums, books, speeches?

Or are you one of the victims who adore Sam Vaknin, Look up to him and hold him up on a pedestal as your life saver?

if so let’s take a closer look at the supposed “Dr Sam Vaknin PhD”

In one of his repetitively & compulsively posted online articles, Vaknin reveals in his own words the reason he really runs the Narcissism ‘Support’ Groups all over the net and so on….

‘There is nothing to be learned from the answers to these questions because each individual has her own threshold. No, I simply enjoy the momentary ability to inflict traumatic pain (emotional pain – I am not the physical type and will never harm a woman physically). It is as close as I can get to omnipotence. It is the perfect gender revenge.’…

‘As a Jew I would have done the same to Nazis. As a victim of a woman, I celebrate with unrestrained glee my ability to degrade women, to humiliate them, to frustrate them, to make them beg for life itself, for they see their (often imagined) relationship with me as life itself. This is why I abstain from sex. This is why I dazzle them with my intellect and charm and wit and knowledge, with unprecedented intrusive interest in their petty, boring, housewivish lives – and then I let go abruptly. At this stage, they are so brittle, so vulnerable that they crash to a million shreds with the crystalline sound of agony.’

Is this really a man you want to give you advice and support on Narcissism, Psychopathy or on your relationships? . Imagine for a moment, you have left your Narcissistic partner/spouse/family and have finally seen the light. You stumble across Sam Vaknin and drink in everything he has written on the subject.

You have just walked out on one Narcissist into the world of another.

Imagine, as an abuse survivor of someone with malignant narcissism or narcissistic personality disorder, giving your life over to a psychopath, and doing it with trust and a firm belief in his authority. What if said psychopathic conman, was advising victims? It seems absurd, that an abuser would advise the abused. It seems even more absurd, that the abused would take the advice to heart.

Vaknin is now a DIAGNOSED PSYCHOPATH – not a Narcissist!

Read the entire article at the original site.

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