Anger,  Other Disorders

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Here’s an article about ODD and Conduct Disorder (CD) in children and the correlation to adulthood personality disorders:

Borderline Personality Disorder is called this because patients have many traits from different psychiatric disorders. They have very unstable moods, like bipolar disorder. They often have strange experiences, like people with schizophrenia. Their relationships with others are usually quite unstable. They often don’t have much of a sense of who they really are or where they are going. They often cut themselves. Most of the people with this problem are female. If you have ODD/CD and are female, you have approximately a 15% chance of getting this.

There is also info about Antisocial Personality Disorders. My question is: are these really separate disorders or does emotional dysregulation play a part in all of them? If someone is emotionally volatile it seems to me that they will act out in different ways depending on the emotion they feel most often – anger, sadness or guilt/shame. So, all these different “”disorders”” – ODD, CD, ADD, BPD, APD and others – are they really the same disorder (emotional dysregulation) exhibiting itself in different forms?