Borderline Personality Disorder,  Treatment

Management Strategies To Minimize Suicide Risk in Borderline Patients

Patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can present with multiple crises and minor incidents of self-harm or threats, but determining when the actions are true cause for concern can be a challenge. Assessing the patient’s current state of being, recent stressors, alcohol(Drug information on alcohol) misuse, and support system can inform the health care provider about immediate risk. Similarly, below are suggested strategies that psychiatrists in various roles can employ to help reduce the risk of suicide. This Tipsheet is for quick reference only and not a replacement for the psychiatrist’s experience and training, which are at the heart of what determines the severity of a psychiatric patient’s condition. For further information, see Managing Suicide Risk in Borderline Personality Disorder Distinguishing Real Risk From Attention Seeking,from which this Tipsheet is adapted.

By Robert J. Gregory, MD | September 10, 2012

Read the TIPSHEET: Management Strategies To Minimize Suicide Risk in BPD


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