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Celebrities with Borderline Personality Disorder (possibly, not for sure)

Here are my top-five candidates for celebrities with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Remember I am not a doctor and this is a “arm chair” analysis of the documented behaviors of each of these celebrities. Others considered for the list were: Kurt Cobain, Princess Di, Heather Mills, Christina Ricci, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Winona Ryder, Mindy McCready and OJ Simpson. But here are my top five BPD celebrities (from least to most likely to have the disorder) and some links to illustrative articles on the web… drum roll please….

5. Britney Spears (more on Britney try this link)

4. Angelina Jolie (if you want a more detailed analysis of Angeline Jolie go here)

3. Courtney Love (to see all of the posts on Courtney Love go here)

2. Pete Doherty (Here is some more info on Pete Doherty go here)

1. Lindsey Lohan (Here is some more info on Lindsay Lohan go here)

Removed from the list because she’s now dead. Rest in peace Amy:

Amy Winehouse (for more on Amy Winehouse try this)

Think someone in your life that has Borderline Personality Disorder? Buy the book that has helped hundreds of people like yourself. When Hope is Not Enough: a how-to guide for living with and loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder really is a how-to, step-by-step for loved ones of people with BPD to communicate more effectively.



  • invisiblerain

    I feel all of your statements. Thank you guys for sharing. I recently got fired from my $26.00 an hour job that I’ve been working at for 15 years. Basically, essentially, they fired me because I stood up for myself, because I have BPD, because I allowed antagonists and harassers to psychologically control my dysregulated emotions, because I did not have the Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills to ignore the mob mentality bullies. That is the bottom line truth. I’m many things, a liar is not one of them. I did an inpatient stint for alcohol dependency in 1987, but was not diagnosed with anything. Looking back, I was a total Borderline; don’t know how nobody ascertained it?? From 2002 to off-on 2007 psychotherapy, still no diagnosis. (Yet, I was in constant trouble at work.) In 2005, and again in 2006, I did two separate outpatient stints with dual diagnosis trials/programs, but still, no diagnosis. (Beyond my comprehension.) In 2008, I was diagnosed as Bi-polar; then in 2009, finally, accurately diagnosed as Borderline. I did my own research, I google alot of stuff. We do not have to be doctors to learn about ourselves. From 2009 to 2014, I completed the Return To Work/Intensive Outpatient Program THREE TIMES, at Kaiser..because I continued having severe interpersonal conflicts with co-workers and management. I’m going to do everything in my legal power to get my job back, and/or expose the improprieties that do take place in the workplace. Anyway, there’s this group called TARA, specifically for Personality Disorders. Check it out. I wish to be an advocate. Because it is not right, not justice, for employers to terminate us with BPD.

  • Brenda Hummel

    Read the YA novel, Polarity in Motion, by Brenda Vicars, about the child of a BPD. It’s eye-openinig!

  • Jeanne

    Richard Simpson, that’s a rude and cold comment. I have BPD and have 3 healthy and happy sons. You also may not want to breed until you learn how to spell it.

  • Darren Royds

    BPD does not define anyone. We are all multifaceted. I would say though the illness does affect most of peoples lives, nevertheless, I struggle with if I should own some of my life choices. Question is how can I be sure. BPD has left devastation looking back at my life and it hurts. I find the comment by Mr Simpson extremely insulting and shallow. I have 3 healthy balanced daughters and in-spite of my illness and other co morbid conditions been a loving and caring father.

  • Juls

    I always suspected the rapper Eminem to have bpd. He’s had a long history of erratic and impulsive behaviour, extreme mood swings, self-destructive behaviour (see his years-long battle with substance abuse and suicidal thoughts), negative self-image, anger issues, depression and paranoia, and unstable relationships (e.g. his volatile love-hate relationships with his mum and his ex-wife Kim). His lyrics are very telling. For example in his song Kim (which he describes as a very personal musical catharsis) you can find maybe 8 out of the 9 bpd traits.

  • maryprov

    I totally agree about Eminem…to me he’s textbook borderline. And not just suicidal thoughts; he’s engaged in suidical behavior (took a bottle of pills when despondent in 1996, lack of caring about whether he lived or died led up to overdose in 2007) and his tattoos are so violent and self destructive in their messaging that they seem to equate to self-harm.

  • punkin ray (@punkin994_ray)

    I suffer from BPD! Im not in denial, so I know my adult kids suffer as a result of my diagnosis! I don’t know how to regulate my moods long enough for them to enjoy being around me! I love them and I feel guilty for hurting them. What do I do? Mine is a horrible existence!

  • Bhekzo

    Just self diagnosed myself with BPD and Bi Polar disorder and my life makes more sense. I feel it will be better now I am more enlightened. But from my recent struggles with alcohol abuse (Making a fool of myself) and poor spending habits not to mention my struggle with ANGER it all makes sense.

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