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CBT worksheets and Evaluating Meaning

On the BPD Cafe page on Face Book, the owner of the page posted a link to downloadable versions of various CBT worksheets, including some from REBT and DBT. These are really nice to have. There are a lot of them, so I joined the SugarSynch page that allows me to download them en masse. One note about that: if you do that, you’re going to have to “un-select” one of the documents, which appears to be stuck in “synching” mode. The document that is stuck is called PsychosisSelfHelp.pdf. Also, if you want ALL the documents, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the list to make them all load.

Anyway, I was reviewing a document about the general principles of CBT (called SelfHelpCourse.pdf), and it outlines an important point about events, thoughts and emotions. I have pointed out in several articles and in my book about the behavioral chain:

Event -> Thought -> Emotion -> Action Impulse -> Behavior

The document says this about the different reactions a person may have to an event:

For instance, if someone you know passes you in the street without acknowledging you, you can interpret it several ways. You might think they don’t want to know you because no-one likes you (which may lead you to feel depressed), your thought may be that you hope they don’t stop to talk to you, because you won’t know what to say and they’ll think you’re boring and stupid (anxiety), you may think they’re being deliberately snotty (leading to anger). A healthier response might be that they just didn’t see you.

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