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Media Reports the Amy Winehouse may have had Borderline Personality Disorder

Well, duh. I had Amy Winehouse (RIP) at the top of my Celebrities with Possible BPD list for almost 4 years. Now the news media is reporting the possibility.

Amy Winehouse May Have Had a Mental Illness
Posted by Roberta Seldon on December 5, 2011 4:23 AM

Amy Winehouse may have been suffering from an obscure mental illness that ultimately led to her untimely demise, according to a report from the Daily Star.

According to the Star, Winehouse may have been suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder — a condition that leaves the individual emotionally volatile, with feelings of anger, guilt, shame and emptiness, thereby pushing him or her into eating disorders and substance abuse.

According to the Star, a family member said that the Grammy award-winning singer may have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. “It was never diagnosed, because unfortunately she would never agree to a proper diagnosis,” the Daily Star quoted a family member as saying. “I’m not an expert, but from what I’ve read on Borderline Personality Disorder it kind of fitted with her.”

Meanwhile, Winehouse’s father, 61-year-old Mitch Winehouse, told the Star he wished Amy would have sought counseling. “She never stopped trying. She hated the way she was when she was drunk and when she was ill,” the Daily Star quoted Mitch as saying.

“And you know, the way I look at it, she died trying.”

“She didn’t give up. She died trying to make herself better,” he added.



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  • Cat

    If she died trying to better herself she would have seen a doctor who was a substance abuse specialist.. Ie psychiatrist.. And follow his recomendations. Instead she avoided all mental health assistantce so she could continue to act out. That her parents didnt see or understand this and remained passive and in denial is the reason she is now dead . When she was a child and her teachers were begging th to get betrayal health care..they refused and just moved her to another school. She met the end they set her up for. Typical narcissistic family

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