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‘I am broken inside’: Revisiting lessons from Jiah Khan’s death and suicide note

“All I want now is to go to sleep and never wake up again. I am nothing.”

‘I am broken inside’: Revisiting lessons from Jiah Khan’s death and suicide note

Rachel Hercman Aug 25, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Jiah Khan’s suicide is now in news again because of Sooraj’s impending movie release. Whether it is a genuine attempt to clear the air or just a PR act, we do not know. However, when we remember the young, beautiful, famous actress deciding she had no other solution than to take her own life, it is a testament to the amount of emotional pain she must have been experiencing.

Her suicide note portrays a curious paradox of a relationship characterised by unrequited love and abuse. The pain and turmoil is palpable and it seems like there should be tears dripping down from the words. Jiah truly speaks the universal language of a heartbroken lover; anger, demoralisation, disappointment, despair, and total emptiness.

ut as sad and heart-breaking this tragedy may be, life will go on and the story will soon become old news. However, if women around the world can take a lesson or two from Jiah’s experience, the tragedy can make women stronger and in some cases, avoid some of the unfortunate circumstances she had in her life.

‘I am running away from everything.’

It’s normal that when life is painful, running away feels like the right thing to do to alleviate the discomfort. For Jiah, running away meant killing herself. For some people it means having an affair; or never leaving the house; or moving somewhere impulsively; or isolating from all relationships, even ones with close friends and family.


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  • I'm trying, Ringo.. (@suab0)

    We are all broken pots, broken bowls, chards of porcelain. All of us are nothing! Yet, we are all something bigger than our finite minds will ever fathom. That’s the beauty and the compassion and the benignancy of such annoying irony. I choose to be defined by my Borderline Personality Disorder because there is not a dam thing I have the power to change the fact that I AM DEFINED by my BPD. Period. However, I can and I do and I will put everything bad and negative and painful that occurred throughout my whole life–that formed my BPD–and I CREATE good, and positive, and happy and lucrative higher and deeper definitions OF my BPD. Do you understand??

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