Emotionally Sensitive People Respond to a Survey

From Karyn Hall’s Emotionally Sensitive Person blog:

They enjoy caring for and empathizing with others and they cherish being passionate about what is important to them. Helping others feel at ease and being able to” read” people is positive for them. They have an understanding of others’ emotions that can be helpful.

At the same time, intense emotions get in the way of relationships. Many (51%) have stopped being friends with more than five people because they hurt you. Many of you (52.6%) also hide your feelings from others most of the time. You find the emotions of others burdensome at times, perhaps because so many of you ( 78.8%)  have been complimented on your compassion for others and see yourselves as being loyal to the point it is not in your best interests.

Most of you (79.3%) can sense others feelings even when they don’t say or show how they are feeling. Several of you mentioned how difficult it was to not experience the emotions of others and 57% of you cannot watch the news without getting upset. Most of you are introverts or someone who reenergizes by being alone (72%).

Emotionally sensitive people don’t like feeling like their mood is at the mercy of people around them. Other people have far too much influence on their mood , so ESPs hold back on what they say. They also tend to overanalyze people’s words and behaviors out of fear of being hurt. At times they feel paranoid, focused on what they believe others think of them. Many are afraid of their emotions (53.7%). Anger is the most difficult emotion for the emotionally sensitive to manage.

Many of you have found therapy helpful (88%) and the most common issue was depression (71.2%). Exercise helps calm emotions for a large percentage (71.4%).

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