Borderline Personality Disorder,  Celebrities

Courtney Love a Borderline?

From an article about Courtney Love’s troubles:

“”People like her are extraordinarily emotionally immature,”” according to Sheenah Hankin, a psychotherapist who says Love’s behavior resembles that of a typical “”borderline personality disorder.”” “”These people throw tantrums and don’t take care of themselves at all,”” she adds. “”When they’re in a crisis, they don’t seek help, they just freak out.””

There is no “”poster child”” for BPD. No celebrity has come out and said: “”I have borderline personality disorder.”” Sure, some famous people have been identified with bi-polar disorder (some examples from a Google search: Ben Stiller, Dick Cavett, Jonathan Winters, Carrie Fisher, Sting) …but not BPD. Why?