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Charlie Sheen and Borderline Personality Disorder

Does Charlie Sheen have BPD?

Alright, I have to admit it, I’m fascinated – as I’m sure many of you are – watching Charlie Sheen and his “meltdown”. I’m fascinated, yet sickened because he seems to be having a mental health crisis right before our collective eyes. The question is: what are the mental health issues? Since I am not a doctor, nor have I ever met Charlie Sheen, I’m not qualified to diagnose him with anything. I have meet a lot of people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and their families and friends. I have watched first-hand what BPD can do to a person and a family.

Yet, I’m not at all convinced that Charlie Sheen has BPD. Some online analyses have pointed to BPD for Charlie, but thus far his behavior doesn’t seem to support that. Sure, he’s impulsive and seemingly either manic or hypo-manic. Hypo-mania can certainly be a feature of BPD. In my experience, this hypo-mania usually comes along with drug abuse (active) when the person with BPD takes medications or drugs that interferes with their impulse control. They think of something and do it without thinking about the consequences. Certainly, Charlie Sheen’s doing that right now. Except with BPD, the “mania” (or hypo-mania) typically only lasts a few hours or (at most) a couple of days. Charlie Sheen seems to be in an extended manic episode and it is not drug-fueled (if we are to believe his drug tests). This type of mania is more common in Biploar Disorder (either bipolar I or II).

He also seems to have lost touch with reality at some level. This disassociating can also be a feature of BPD, as well as other disorders. See his “Charlie’s Korner” episode 4 for that seeming losing touch with reality.

One thing I did notice about Charlie Sheen and his current rantings is that he seems fixated on judgment of him from others. This feature is one that is very common with BPD, although it’s probably common with other disorders as well. He seems to have set up an “us (or me, the warlock) versus them (the trolls)” mentality which is also very common (black and white thinking) in BPD. Yet, the shame and self-image issues seem to not be there (at least as far as we can see at this point).

Anyway, I guess the jury’s still out on Charlie Sheen. I hope that he will goes to get a professional mental health evaluation and take care of whatever mental or behavioral problems he’s experiencing.


  • Geralt

    I’d say that his biggest problem is that he has antisocial personality disorder and is a sociopath. I’m sure that he fits the criterias for several personality disorders including BP :S

  • Rachel

    I have been drawn to these celebrities…especially Angelina…this is the first I have heard of her possibly having BPD…the deep penetrating eyes that hold secrets surrounded by mystery…I have been diagnosed with BPD and yes it is incredibly misunderstood, the person affected by this disorder, terribly painful. I am drawn to the troubled celebs….we indeed share this painful connection….the charisma about them helps me to relate…they too are misunderstood. There is comfort in knowing I am not as alone, alienated and there are others who know the suffering but they put their dukes up to combat every day…..Keep on keeping on

  • Drew Faircloth

    Sheen is NOT a sociopath! He does have a conscience as opposed to total absence of conscience.

  • paris summers

    He most definately has borderline personality with narcissitic tendencies. Look at the behavior towards women, the inability to commit emotionally, the rants and rages, the believe at times he is superior, the behavior when he feels he is being rejected, all the verbal attacks. I was married to a man who has this exact diaganosis and the behavior is all too similiar.

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