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Sleep and BPD

fe_da_080321health_apnea.jpgOne of the physical aspects of BPD is problems with sleep. People with BPD are likely to have trouble going to sleep and trouble getting up in the morning. One of the reasons is the “ruminating” aspect of BPD. Another seems to be that their brain chemistry is configured in such a way to utilize serotonin ineffectively. Many people with BPD will require sleep medications and sometimes will take these medications in large doses. Some people find that these comfortable ear plugs for sleeping, really help them sleep at night. This inability to sleep and awake punctually can also contribute to a visit to the disciplinary board or getting fired from jobs. If a BP can’t get up on time and make it on time to a job, they might get fired. Losing a job can contribute to shame. Jobs that have a lot of “down time” (time in which nothing is going on, like lulls in retail positions) can cause more ruminating and may lead to conflict between someone with BPD and their co-workers or superiors.

I found another reference to sleep issues on the Internet. According to this site, people with BPD have “significant abnormalities in REM sleep with more rapid onset and more intense REM sleep.” I’ve noticed that my wife has trouble falling asleep with major insomnia and has trouble getting up in the morning. If your BP has a job that he/she has to be at early in the morning, it might be time to find a new job.

Here is a reference I found on Paul J. Markovitz M.D., Ph.D.’s CV:

Markovitz, PJ, Comorbidity of migraines, PMS, IBS, fibromyalgia, neurodermatitis, and sleep apnea in borderline personality disorder: a possible serotonin link. Presented at the World Health Organization meeting on Personality Disorders, Cambridge, MA, September 1993.


  • Steven

    As a borderline, sleep IS impossible to regulate and meditation is a temporary solution. Sleep can pre determine a BP’s entire day, caution we wake up cranky and can not stress the space required to and I quote “come back to earth”.
    Often I find myself subconsciously unwilling to go to sleep because front part of my brain switches off without warning, leaving me with vivid dreams and the worst DRC (dream reality confusion) in the morning and incoherent to my surroundings.
    Maintaining a irregular shift or morning shifts you can forget about, much disinhibition will haunt you and everyone around you.

  • Shana

    I have been acting out my dreams both sexual and violent also I have been sleep walking and was found standing over my sons bed. I am very concerned.

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