Borderline Personality Disorder

Should I stay or should I go?

Today, I sent out my Fall Emotional Connections Newsletter. When I send these newsletters out, I typically get a handful of bounces (the email is not good anymore) and a small set of unsubscribes (a person opts out of the newsletter). I got 2 unsubscribes today. The email system (mailchimp, which I highly recommend BTW) asks the list member why they are no longer interested in the newsletter. Usually people don’t bother to give a reason, but one of the unsubscribing members did provide a reason which was:

I have ended the relationship this info pertains to…. best decision I ever made! Thank you for all your wonderful resources. Keep up the great work.

And it got me thinking. While my resources here, in my books and in my email support list are more focused on staying and making the relationship work, sometimes leaving is the best answer for the person in a relationship with someone with BPD. I rarely (if ever) tell anyone what they should do – leave or stay. I think it’s up to the individual person to decide how to go forward.

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