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One-night stand turns ugly

While this article is not specifically about BPD, there is some mutilation in it (not self, but of a boyfriend), so it may be triggering to some. Here is long article on it and here is a link to a shorter article with pictures (be warned!).

‘Blackburn woman tattooed lover with Stanley knife’

8:50am Saturday 31st January 2009

A WOMAN used a Stanley knife to carve her name on the shoulder of her lover while he was asleep, a court heard.

Dominique Fisher, 22, of Blackburn, has gone on trial accused of unlawfully wounding Wayne Robinson, with whom she had a drink-and-drug fueled four-day fling after meeting in a nightclub.

As well as her name on his right shoulder, Fisher carved a star on his back and ‘body art’ on his left arm.

Mr Robinson said he woke up covered in blood to find himself cut, with Fisher ‘snoring her head off’ next to him.

Fisher had told him: “I’m a tattooist. I thought you’d like it”, the court heard.

But Fisher denies the charge and has told the jury she carried out the carvings with Mr Fisher’s consent.

The court heard the two had met by chance in the Syndicate nightclub in Blackpool on June 12 then spent a night together in a room at the Cliffs hotel where cocaine was taken before going their separate ways in the morning.

The next day there was further contact between them and Mr Robinson travelled by taxi from his home in Fleetwood to her Blackburn flat.

Steven Wild, prosecuting, said the man stayed with her for two nights and the pair drunk alcohol and took valium, not prescribed to either of them.

He told the court: “What the Crown say happened is that around 2.30am on the Sunday morning Mr Robinson woke and found he was covered in blood.

“He found a design carved into his left arm and the name Dominique into his right shoulder and a star carved into his back.”

Mr Robinson, 24, told the jury at Preston Crown Court that they took around 30 valium tablets between them that weekend.

He said “I watched a bit of telly, laid on the bed, drinking vodka, chatting. That is basically all I can remember.”

He woke up the first morning and she said they had had sex.

Mr Robinson said he presumed that on the Saturday he took more valium.

His last recollection was being “laid on the bed”.

Mr Robinson discovered the tattoos in the early hours of Sunday.

“I had been cut up, there was blood and Dominique was snoring her head off. I had slashes, cuts on my arms and back.”

He refuted defence claims that he had consented to the tattoos, that he had asked her to do it and had mopped up the blood. “I was comatose”, he added.

Mr Robinson’s wounds went onto heal, but has been left with visible scarring, the court heard.

In her evidence, Fisher, who the court was told was a woman of good character, said they sat chatting about the seven tattoos she had then.

She said he asked her to put ‘a tribal one’ on him. She told the jury she had never done it before and did not have a clue how to go about it.

Fisher, of Roebuck Close, in the Galligreaves area, said: “He was asking me questions like had I got anything sterile.

“I said I had Stanley blades because I had been decorating.

“He wanted to put his name into me and I said no. We were both awake, knew what we were doing and talking about.

“He was sat on the end of the bed, baring his arm. Both of us wiped the blood away.

“I was asking him did it hurt. He said ‘no, carry on’.”

It took a few hours to write the name Dominique and then the tribal tattoo.

Fisher said she could not remember doing the star on his back.

She later added in evidence: “I’m sorry for what I have done”.

The trial continues on Monday.

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