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New study shows harm of borderline personality disorder

Bipolar disorder is a widely researched, well-publicized, well-funded topic. By contrast, BPD is seldom discussed…

New study shows harm of borderline personality disorder

By G. Wayne Miller
Journal Staff Writer

Posted Apr. 24, 2015 at 3:51 PM

PROVIDENCE – A research team headed by a Rhode Island Hospital psychiatrist reveals that persons who live with borderline personality disorder, or BPD, experience physical and mental difficulties that rival those associated with the more prevalent and better-known bipolar disorder.

Dr. Mark Zimmerman’s study was published this week in the online edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry. BPD is a severe emotional disorder characterized by impulsive behaviors, anger, irritability, poor self image and fear of abandonment.

“The level of psychosocial morbidity and suicidality associated with BPD is as great, or greater, than that experienced by patients with bipolar disorder,” Zimmerman, director of outpatient psychiatry at Rhode Island Hospital and director of the Rhode Island Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services (MIDAS) project, said in a release.

“From a public health perspective, improving the detection and treatment of BPD is as imperative as diagnosing and treating bipolar disorders.”


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  • invisiblerain

    That’s right. Too many employers, teachers, professors, and middle management are ignorant about this disorder. Too many employers do not wish to educate themselves and employees about this little known disorder. This is precisely what is terribly wrong with this country, this society. Mental and/or emotional illnesses are being swept under the rugs all across America because of the stigma, the fear, the ignorance. So, we have what we have with all this high school shootings, college campus killings, police officer shootings because police officers have deep-seeded issues, theatre killings, workplace violence, etc, etc, etc. This is not some piffle rant that I am spewing; it is the truth. I have BPD. I was fired from my local city govt. job in October, 2014, because of my interpersonal conflicts with managers, co-workers. They were made well aware of my BPD because I made no secret about it, and because it was officially on file with the medical dept. at my worksite. My BPD was arcanely used against me for the purpose of getting me fired. I got my job back in January, 2015. But most sufferers with this disorder are not so fortunate. This country is only getting worse; so, I expect nothing, I depend on nobody, except myself to educate myself by researching, googling, writing, reading, and praying to the LORD for spiritual wisdom. Take it or leave it.

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