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New Free “White Paper”: 5 Common Mistakes by Non-BPs

Today I completed a new “white paper” (a small eBook basically) that explains the five common mistakes made by supporters of people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). It is available for download at no cost by clicking on the link below:


Enjoy and feel free to share with others.


  • Brendan

    Thanks for this guide, it looks v. helpful. I’m a ‘borderline’, and I might try and pluck up the courage to share your book with close friends and family

  • Bon Dobbs

    You are very welcome for the guide. You might buy a printed copy of “When Hope is Not Enough” and give it to your friends and family. The paper I wrote tells only what NOT to do, “When Hope is Not Enough” tells what TO DO. I think it is very helpful for loved ones of people who are “borderline”.

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