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More Fun with ATSTP Stats

pstats.jpgYesterday, I posted a message about my last 30 days search engine terms. Today, I am posting about page views. In the last 30 days I have had about 1,200 individual page views (not including the front page which gets the most views, it had about 3,000 views this month). I have categorized the page views in the graph to the right.

One interesting thing to note is that while 60% of the search terms involve celebrities with PDs (BPD, APD, NPD, others), only 43% of my page views are related to celebs. Only 2% of the search terms are related to BPD = evil (or demonic), 11% of my page views are about that subject. I can only suspect that there are links to my blog on certain subjects.

Anyway, 10% (and probably more, since that 20% of “BPD General” includes syndicated messages that cover coping) look to ATSTP for coping. I wish it were more, because that is what I hope to do with this blog. Raise awareness about BPD and help the Non-BPs with coping skills.

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