Borderline Personality Disorder,  Mentalizing

Interesting Website/Blog from a person with BPD talking about Mentalization Based Therapy

A very interesting and (IMO) entertaining site about MBT. Here’s an excerpt from the site:

I’ve got borderline personality disorder. I’ve got all sorts of other things – a dog, two jobs and a strange itch on my shin. But I’m only having psychotherapy for my BPD. And it’s not any old psychotherapy. It’s a relatively new, designer therapy, with the Americanish title of Mentalisation Based Treatment. (Or the even more American version – Mentalization etc.) This information piece is about MBT, written in the hope that it will be helpful for other people fortunate enough to be offered or currently having MBT.

Go to the site and read! It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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