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How To Stop Bad Dreams In 7 Steps, Because Nightmares Are No Fun

A lot of psychological issues — like PTSD and borderline personality disorder — cause sufferers to have frequent vivid nightmares.

How To Stop Bad Dreams In 7 Steps, Because Nightmares Are No Fun


Most of us grapple with nightmares as kids — but becoming an adult doesn’t automatically make us stop having bad dreams. In fact, researchers estimate that three-quarters of all of our dreams are nightmares, even if we don’t live anywhere near Elm Street — we just usually don’t remember our dreams after we wake up. And if you’re one of the five to 10 percent of adults who have at least more than one nightmare a month, our human tendency to dream something horrible is more than just a quirky fact — it’s a real and practical problem that can leave us sleepless, irritable, unproductive, and worst of all, afraid of naps.

When we were toddlers, nightmares were a fact of life — some studies estimate that up to 50 percent of children aged three to six have regular nightmares. Those stats tend to lower as we age, but in times of great stress, or when something about our lives changes, we can sometimes start having regular nightmares again as adults.


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