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Fun with Keywords Again

Well, I’ve looked over recent keywords that find my blog and found these to be interesting (with my comment in parenthesis):

  • borderline tough love (it doesn’t work see this post)
  • bpd not wrong (I wonder a BP saying they’re not wrong or a non-bp complaining about it?)
  • bpd impacts on loved ones (big ones! That’s the whole point of the site huh?)
  • how to stop ruminating (It isn’t easy. Mindfulness helps.)
  • dumped out of the blue bpd (yeah, it happens)
  • how to stop a demonic possession (I’m amazed at the number of demonic possession believers out there)
  • here is the last two digits of my social (ok, where is the rest? – haha)
  • bpd inability to love (sad…)
  • bpd look of hate evil (I’ve seen it.)
  • outlandish lies (poor guy/gal)
  • best site anythingtostopthepain (my favorite of the group)
  • cocaine and bpd (not a good combo)
  • bpd wife bitch (bitter much?)
  • shall i contact my ex who has bpd (not if you don’t have to)
  • how do i validate my borderline daughter (nice… I’m glad you’re trying!)
  • “borderline personality” evil (evil again)
  • drunk housewives (is this someone looking for porn? or support? Maybe a new ABC show?)
  • bpd are evil (evil again!)
  • how do you stop a demonic possession (you can’t – it doesn’t exist. I guess you can stop believing in it.)


  • Wandering Coyote

    Good Lord! Some of those are scary, actually. I used to do posts about search engine keywords over at my other blog, and it really made me wonder what people were thinking.

  • Bon Dobbs

    Yeah, I know. I do them for 2 reasons: 1) they become self-referential and other people searching on similar items find the blog (and round and round it goes) and 2) I find it really interesting what people are looking ofr and what they’re finding. Far and away the BIGGEST search term I get has to do with “celebrities with BPD” or some variant.

    Some are scary. It’s sad/scary to see what some people are thinking, huh?

  • V.S.

    Heh. I’ve wondered quite a few times if my husband was possessed by the spirit of his dead father, and I don’t usually believe in things like that. I can see why someone might think demon possession.

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