Borderline Personality Disorder,  Odds and Ends

Demonic Possession and Borderline Personality Disorder?

Demonic Posession or Not?I wish that author of this article was kidding, but she’s not. She appears to be a devout Catholic, which is fine with me, but comparing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to demonic possession? I’m sorry, but I can’t let this article go unanswered. She clearly knows little of the dynamics of BPD. I have no idea why she decided to write this article or how she has any knowledge of BPD. OK, before I start, I just want to note that I am not criticizing religion or Christianity or Catholicism. Please don’t bombard me with that kind of email and comments. I am looking at the text of a specific article to try and understand what happens when you look at BPD as a spiritual struggle of good vs evil.


So here goes:

She says:

Dealing with Borderlines is like a spiritual warfare.

It is? How so? The remainder of the article doesn’t really answer that question.

She says:

What strange traits does a Borderline have that look like demon possession? Low, rasping moans and screams were escaping her mouth, which brought chills down your spine. You looked at her face and saw dark coal eyes, and as the moment intensified, her eyes turned red. Her transformation let you step back as you heard her laughing like a witch. She cursed and cussed you. Her stern voice turned to the most hideous sound you could imagine. In front of you was a woman with a pure-red face spitting anger and rage. It was scary.

Who is “you” in this? The woman’s husband? Where did this come from? “Low, rasping moans and screams”? I’m not sure where this incident comes from or who it is attributed to. I have certainly been the subject of rages in my years as a Non-BP, but this?

She says:

This scene is common among people with relationships with a person who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

It is? How does she know? From where does she gain such knowledge. Is it common among people she knows or what? I have been running an Internet List for Non-BP’s for almost three years now. I have found that this type of experience occurs sometimes within a Non-BP/BP relationship, but common? Hmmm….

She says:

“Life is hell” described literally by NONs or non-borderlines, a person who does not have BPD but has a loved one with BPD.

And yes, that is true. Life can seem like hell for Non-BPs (and BPs alike). My question is: From whom did she get this knowledge?

She says:

According to, Borderline Personality Disorder is a “real, diagnosable psychiatric disorder, and its criteria are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) published by the American Psychiatric Association.” There has been a stigma in the past for personality disorders such as BPD as a form of demonic possession. Up until the 19th century, personality disorders such as BPD began to take the form of “hysteria” in psychiatry.

OK, so it is a “real, diagnosable psychiatric disorder,” right? And that “there has been a stigma in the past for personality disorders such as BPD as a form of demonic possession.” So, let’s perpetuate that stigma, shall we? I mean, in one sentence she cites a source saying that BPD is a psychiatric disorder and in the next she mentions that in the past there has been a stigma of demonic possession? Where is the rational line of thought here?

She says:

Many articles have emerged on a possible link between demon possession and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Many articles? In respected journals or no? By BPD experts or no? Where are these articles?

She says:

Christopher H. Rosik in his article from the Journal of Psychology and Theology stated that “They have altered personalities and often exhibit behaviors that appear identical to traditional descriptions of possession: evil-appearing glares, angry voices, self-hatred, self-harm, aversion to God and religion, and other symptoms.”

Alright, I’ve got about 20 problems with this. First of all Christopher Rosik, Ph. D. was a past president of the “Christian Association for Psychological Studies” (see He participated as a psychologist in a forum entitled ” Critical Issues in the Dissociative Disorders Field: Six Perspectives from Religiously Sensitive Practitioners” and authored the transcript and review of a compilation of the study (see this link). He consistently publishes in the “Journal of Psychology and Theology” which is not a main-line psychological journal. It is one dedicated to the following purpose:


The purpose of the Journal of Psychology and Theology is to communicate recent scholarly thinking on the interrelationships of psychological and theological concepts, and to consider the application of these concepts to a variety of professional settings. The major intent of the editor is to place before the evangelical community articles that have bearing on the nature of humankind from a biblical perspective. (see

So, there’s the source with which I have an initial problem.

Then there’s the content of the quote. He states:

…appear identical to traditional descriptions of possession: evil-appearing glares, angry voices, self-hatred, self-harm, aversion to God and religion….

“Traditional descriptions of possession?” Perhaps those “traditional descriptions” were not describing possession at all, but were instead describing a psychiatric disorder as mentioned above? By “linking” traditional descriptions of possession and behaviors that are sometimes included in BPD, he tries to create validity for traditional descriptions of possession that is just not there. I could do the same thing with any “traditional description” of behavior that has been attributed to a believed cause in the past. In Salem, during the witch hysteria, we could call these people witches, correct? Does that lend any credence whatsoever to the fact that they are or are not witches?

Now, the behaviors he describes:

evil-appearing glares…

Evil to whom?

…aversion to God and religion…

Wait a minute here. I have found that many BPs (though certainly not all) have an attachment to religion, particularly to the fundamentalist Christian faith. There are at least five to ten examples that I could cite from my Internet List of extremely devout Christian BPs. In some senses, they seem to be drawn to the idea of judgment of themselves and others and strict religious views actually reinforce the sense of judgment. They find themselves and others to be all good (in God’s graces) or all evil (in the hands of the devil). This is a function of black-and-white thinking, not temporary demonic possession.

The author of this article goes on to cite a case of an ex-husband (of course an ex) whose ex-wife had “borderline personality disorder.” I put it in quotes because I don’t know if this woman was diagnosed. The author describes some behavior that might indicate BPD – jealously, emptiness, rage, manipulation, etc. – but we don’t know if the ex-husband is reporting all this truthfully and, if he is, whether the condition is another disorder. Let’s assume the ex-wife does have BPD. Some of the language used to describe her behavior is clearly judgmental such as:

With children she can use as pawns, Renee became a very manipulative person.

To get what she wants, Renee snatched her children out-of-state to pressure Patrick to her whims. Patrick was hesitant to marry her.

She would wait all day counting the minutes until he returns home and gives him a guilt trip for her feelings of emptiness.

To free herself from the shame and guilt of her decision, she brainwashed the children on the evils of their faith.

And some of the text doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me:

He was now very familiar with Renee’s mood swings. It alternates with periods of intense depression.

What alternates with periods of depression? As for mood swings, yes, that is the whole nature of the disorder. Then we hear that the ex-wife:

She dabbled into wicca, tarot cards, new age and psychic readings. She went to party at night and eventually found a lover 11 years her junior.

Well, if she “dabbled into wicca, tarot cards, new age and psychic readings” she must be possessed huh? And how does finding a lover 11 years her junior go into the same paragraph as “dabbling” in those things? Are they equivalent?

Now we get a real kicker:

The children have not been going to their church for a long time after the couple’s separation. So Patrick brought a holy “host” from the Catholic Church so the older children can receive Holy Communion. In the Catholic Church, Holy Communion is actually receiving “Jesus Christ” and is held with much reverence. Upon seeing this, Renee burst into an uncontrollable anger. She screamed like a possessed woman and ran to the hosts. She grabbed them, threw them on the floor and stamped her feet hoping to crush the host into pieces. This act is considered “sacrilegious” in the Catholic Church and may be considered comparable to a demonic possession.

So, the wife doesn’t want the religion of her ex-husband in her house. Her impulsive and out-of-portion reaction is typical of emotional dysregulation. However, according to the author she “screamed like a possessed woman” (again, like a possessed woman to whom?). Then she committed a sacrilegious (in quotes for some unknown reason) act – one that the Catholic Church “may consider comparable to demonic possession.” OK, well… if the Catholic Church “may” consider it “comparable to demonic possession,” is it an indication of possession or not? And, again, what authority does the Catholic Church have in the area of psychiatric disorders? Either it’s a psychiatric disorder or it is possession, right? Or could it be both? Clearly, the author is exposing her own biases toward the beliefs of the Catholic Church, rather than an intimate knowledge of the dynamic underpinnings of BPD.

She goes on to say:

The once attractive spouses that enchanted NONs turn into gruesome-looking beings with glaring, black coal eyes turning red and watery.

They do? Dang, I better watch out for that transformation. I know that people with BPD can get hateful and hateful-looking when angry, but everyone gets that way when that angry. BPs have trouble regulating their emotions and emotions feed other emotions. Sure, you get a very angry person, but that is all you have, not a demonical possessed person.

She goes on:

Most NONs claim that their BPD lover’s demeanor changes abruptly. They had a sneer on their faces and acted as if they were in another dimension. They would flinch whenever Jesus Christ or God was mentioned. They would scream with the worst blasphemy one could imagine. It is surprising how many NONs experience similar mannerisms and facial expressions from their Borderline loved ones.

“Most” NONs? From which source does she get that data? How many NONs has she talked with? I have talked with literally hundreds, in-person and online, and, while they are clearly exasperated by their BPs behavior, I’m not sure how “it is surprising how many NONs experience similar mannerisms…” is being backed up here. If someone is angry, sure, they will have certain facial expressions and mannerisms, but that is true of anyone, not just BPs. The key is what to do about it.

Oh and as for BPs that “flinch whenever Jesus Christ or God was mentioned” – that has not been my experience. Where did she get that? As I have said several BPs I know use Jesus or God to judge others and themselves. The idea that there can be an ultimate decider of good and evil can be very attractive to someone with BPD.

OK, some more:

Demon possession in itself is a taboo subject. But for non-Christians, the evils of Borderlines must have another rational explanation.

Well, I suppose it is a “taboo subject” because it is hogwash. Then she says, “But for non-Christians…” – why use the word “but”? To me it makes no sense. As for the “evils” that “must have another rational explanation” – uh, yeah, it is called a psychiatric disorder that involves dsyregulation is several areas. The foremost of these areas are emotional dysregulation, impulsiveness and shame. I wonder if telling someone with a psychiatric disorder that they might have difficulty controlling without medication and therapy that they are possessed by demonic forces might cause more shame and fear in them. Hmmm? Maybe we need to start calling people with cancer sinners that deserve what they get. I’m sure most tumors, genetic diseases, mental disorders, malformations and skin rashes all have a spiritual dimension. Perhaps it is the sins of the fathers being visited upon the children?

And yet more:

However, they do not deny how a Borderline’s presence exhibits darkness, lies, betrayal, greed, addiction, abuse, pride, control, manipulation, hatred and rebellion. All are elements of spiritual bondage yielding sin.

Great. I can’t think of anything more invalidating to a person with an emotional disorder to compare their state with demonic possession. I mean, think about it. Let’s suppose you are angry at something and your NON says, “Well, the reason that you feel this way and act this way is that you are possessed with a demon.” That’s worst than, “You’re crazy” is it not? Or maybe it can get the BP out of some blame for his or her actions. After all, if the devil made you do it….

The point is this woman is being extremely invalidating to the BPs whatever her point and conclusion. That sort of invalidation is something that has contributed to the disorder all a BP’s life. Calling a person with BPD a “possessed” person is extremely invalidating to the person’s emotional responses. And, what if the borderline is your child? The author seems only to be addressing “BP lovers” here, but if your child is borderline, is she also “possessed”?

She then says:

Patrick did his best to get help for Renee. Patrick sought the help of his spiritual director in the hope of finding answers to his predicament.

Well, I’m not sure that Patrick “did his best to get help” for his Ex. The author certainly doesn’t convince me he did his best. First of all, you can’t “get help” for another person. I’m sorry but that just upsets a person with BPD. If you are saying essentially, “You need help” or “You have a mental problem” or worse “You are possessed by a demon” I don’t call that “doing one’s best.” Maybe instead of (or better in addition to) going to his spiritual advisor he could have looked into DBT and DBT family skills, Patrick could have done a little better than his best.

OK, there’s still more:

His spiritual director advised that he remain steadfast in his prayers and God will hear him. With trust in God, Patrick focused on saving his children. He taught his children to pray together and pray for their Borderline mother. One day, Renee found the children an inconvenience and decided to give custody to Patrick.

Well, I glad the praying worked for “Patrick” (not his real name). Actually, prayer is suggested by DBT as a way to help tolerate distress. I still wonder though, based on the configuration of this paragraph, whether the prayer caused Renee to find the children an “inconvenience”? I guess so.

OK, now for her conclusion:

The Borderline exhibits traits and characteristics similar to a person being possessed or oppressed.

There seems to be a major hedging here. “Possessed or oppressed?” Which is it?

It seems that possession is a fact in this author’s mind, so no need to question the actual existence of possession, right?

Now she says:

Many believe that evil preys on the weaknesses of people.

“Many?” OK, who? What does one back that statement up with? And also, evil as a spiritual force seems to be a given here.

And now we get:

Many NONs, who have successfully departed from the vicious relationship with a Borderline, swear that their Borderlines Ex have been taken over by “something”.

Of course they have “departed from the vicious relationship.” And they should be listened to? Why is it that all the ex-es rule the day when it comes to the opinions of the borderline’s behavior? How about actually educating yourself about BPD and then deciding what is actually happening? Sure, these people are taken over by “something” – it’s called strong negative emotions and it happens to everyone from time-to-time. It probably happens more often to someone with BPD, because of the nature of the disorder, not because there are demonic forces at work.

Now she says:

When we deal with evil, there is no recourse but to look at things from a spiritual dimension.

Oh really? OK, well who decided that the BP is evil, not just sick or mentally disabled, she is EVIL! And, “no recourse but to look at things from a spiritual dimension?” Says who? The author? God? True evil, if it exists and I might argue that it does in certain people (but not demonic possession, just evil and destructive thoughts and actions), can be dealt with by applying human morals, resolve and compassion. The idea that in order for evil to exist there must be a force that drives evil instead of say, mental disease, is not a leap that I am willing to take. Clearly, the author has already taken this leap in her faith and has decided that, if evil exists, then evil spiritual force also must be at work.

Now she says:

There are a few treatment options for BPD.

Well, actually, there are many treatment options for BPD and some are more effective than others. DBT, SFT and Mentalization have all been shown more effective than therapy-as-usual when it comes to BPD. The increase of acceptance + mindfulness with traditional CBT also seems to be effective in treating BPD.

And she concludes with this:

Dealing with the evil and chaos of the relationship with a Borderline can be analogous to a spiritual warfare. The spiritual warrior must seek to constantly strengthen himself in an understanding of God’s truth. As you struggle to deal with the chaos and oppression, trust God for He will lead you to the truth. He will be the only armor you’ll need for shield and protection. God’s matchless weapons are mercy and peace.

I wonder why she bothers to hedge yet again with the phrase “can be analogous to”? I mean, if spiritual forces are at work and it is a war between good and evil being fought on a spiritual dimension, then why bother? Clearly the NON is on the side of good and Godliness (if he/she “seeks to constantly strengthen himself”) and the BP is one the side of the demonic and evil forces. In her opinion as we struggle to “deal with the chaos and oppression,” trusting in God is the answer to lead you to the truth – although I am having difficulty making heads or tails of the truth in her article. Is she saying that BPD = demonic possession or BPD is like demonic possession – and, if it is the latter – why do we have to make use of our spiritual warfare stances to deal with this “evil?”

I’d like to conclude by stating two reasons that I bothered to review this article in such detail. One is that I think that comparing BPD to demonic possession merely further strengthens an “us vs. them” mentality that has already been perpetuated all over the Internet and in books for Nons. It is a basic misunderstanding of the disorder and invalidates the natural responses of the sufferer. Plus, if they believe you are against them and judge them as evil, you’re in for a whole lot of trouble. Secondly, I am not dismissing that prayer can offer solace to anyone, including the Nons. At the same time, my prescription for a Non is not to rely entirely on prayer. It is instead to learn the dynamics of the disorder and acquire the emotional skills necessary to more effectively handle a person with BPD.

Calling them possessed or evil is just going to make things much worse.


  • Aus

    Demonic possion is very real….I have seen it and it scares the shit out of me.My girlfriend is possessed. 🙁 I live in Australia. Its a long story that I wont get into. But I must say my mother is a occupational therapist and I know about mental illness. But now since we have a demon in our lives we are very scared and the only time I have got rid of the demon is to prey to God. I wish you all the best.

  • AtlantisHealing

    There are plenty of professional people out there who have been trained to use hypnosis as a method of releasing spiritual attachments or negative entities when dealing with mental illness such as BPD or Schizophrenia, or in fact any form of dis-ease, INCLUDING psychiatrists/psychologists who would have never believed it themselves before either and seeing their clients experience instant healing. Totally disagree with the writer though that it means the person is evil. Most of the time the ‘entity’ isn’t evil either, just lost and needs help.

    Not saying 100% I believe it or not, just keeping an open mind and may be you should look into a bit further first before totally ruling it out. I know it all sounds a bit mad and way out there but think you will be surprised. Check out these books for further info if you are interested: The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore (psychologist), Remarkable Healings by Shakuntala Modi (psychiatrist), & Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual by William J. Baldwin and Edith Fiore. There’s tons more on Amazon. Also search for articles written by Dr Alan Sanderson, another psychiatrist in the UK, here’s one of the links:, and no religion involved.

  • Mr. Hyde


  • Will

    Are you bloody kidding me? I was as cynical and logical as they come, and after 8 years with a BPD, I have come face to face with how beaten down and bloodied what one would consider a “soul” could be (and her’s too, on my behalf by her doing).

    If the things I’ve experience in the last 8 years aren’t comparible to “spiritual warfare”, I don’t know what is. There is some dark sh@# that goes way deeper than “abandonment issues” and the “emotional capacity of a child”. I used to be good with kids before this relationship (now I couldn’t fathom the idea if it somehow came up again). I’ve never been terrified for my sanity or life (in abstract ways that you can’t just drag the family or authorities in) from a child with a child’s emotional capacity. I’m pretty sure I also never had that affect on the “adults” when I myself was a child.

    I don’t know the extent of YOUR experience with a BPD with their hooks firmly planted in you, but in what I or any other logical person would’ve previously called “dramatic” or “exaggerated” by describing it as demonic (it doesn’t have to be literal to be an apt analogy), I can’t tell you enough how apt this is. It’s not literal. It’s not blatant. It’s abstract, it’s subtle, and it has an audience of 1 (and whatever the neighbors hear, which will always sound like the non-bpd is at the heart of the issue).

    I never in my life had things I couldn’t just backtrack and use logic and reason to deal with until the time I was reeled in from the deep.

  • Will

    Sorry for the double post, but my mind is beyond spent from tonight’s outburst marathon (day 3). I should’ve added that I’ve never been religious or had any belief or interest in the “paranormal”.

    As much as it pains me to admit this knowing exactly how it would sound even if I wasn’t hastily wording things, those who have been around us (not related) have all experienced blatant “things” spawn up (as in externally manifested) around us during heated times, with multiple witnesses. I never thought I’d see (or had interest in) things I couldn’t explain and take a few steps back and recreate the scenario with logic…but man..there has been stuff you (or “old me”) wouldn’t believe. I myself have no idea what to believe anymore. : /

  • Pat

    I have known and been affected by two serious borderlines in my life. Both of them literally embraced evil. One of them constantly denied God and viciously attacked religion when no one was even talking about it. This same person draws demons all the time and says she wants to find a perfume that “smells like a demon.” In addition to embracing evil at various points in their lives, these two also showed traits of evil. Sadistic pleasure over tormenting people, mocking, total disregard for human life. One of them has been told by multiple people that she is evil. She was sent to a shaman for an exorcism by her mother. At one point, she said she had a dream as a child that she would meet “satan” when she was older and she wanted to “marry satan.” Both of these people who never met each other said they “hate the sun.” Both of them would always mock the word “positive.” I totally believe that some kind of possession might be possible. People on here reading this who think they have BPD do not want to hear this, but there are too many accounts where themes of evil are overlapping. Perhaps, you do not have BPD and have been misdiagnosed. Or perhaps you are lying here to cover up your enjoyment of tormenting people.

  • shawn

    Good evening folks. This is a first time replying to a blog or anything that matter, but I feel I have to tell someone of what I had to go through.recently. very sad. so here it goes. I have a bipolar friend with schizophrenic personality disorder. Who is also a serious drunk. I found out he was playing around with weggi boards got into trouble with it. made very close friends with what was in the board. I told him to get rid of his evil friend but he wouldn’t. While on a holiday at some resort place on the coast,we spent the night at a hotel. everything was fine up to the point . I brought my drunken friend back to the room and he went to bed. I busied myself with doing things in the hotel room since I wasn’t tired. I notice him not breathing easily like he was being chocked. but a quick poke in the side he was o.k. a few minutes later as I was coming out of the bathroom. I saw him stir and turn on his back and open his eyes. I knew some how it was not my friend. It looked at me through cold eyes and talked in a low deep voice. I said out loud ” Mike” but it answed “I am not Mike” I new it was a demon. I come from a religious family. I have seen my paster so long ago deal with them. and I was alone with one now. I ran over to the body of my friend and placed my hand on his head and commanded that spirit to leave him in Jesus name. After about 10 seconds it was gone, and my friend instantly woke up with no memory of what had happen. When he started to pass out again the same thing happen again. This time I ordered it out again ,but by calling it’s name, but it said ” I’m not him, I’m the one in control” I was like oh great! Their is more than one. I got rid of that one also. I spent the night casting them out and got no sleep myself. and every-time they left he always snapped to with no memory of what was going on and fully awake.
    He was stuck at my place the next week and the same thing happen at my place. Now they are angry with me saying I have declared war on them. What ever…….! and at his place it happens again!!!! They were very stubborn and mouthy. The things they would say as I kicked them out were horrible. I tried not to let them speak. They are at the point were they can turn his body around a shake my shoulders saying to not get between them and him. Even worse threats. I ignored. They sure know how to lie. I worry about his parent sleeping in the other side of the house now. When they take control. I worry about him too. I can’t make those terrible creatures leave permanently unless my friend lets me but he won’t the warped his mind making him depended on them. It almost brings me to tears. I have a serious problem on my hands. How this plays out I have no idea.
    @ Mr.Hyde, I read your account and I have this to offer. I know the demon or demons told you certain things and they might be true, but never ,ever believe them. They by nature are design to lie and most people are under impression you can learn from them, not true. People can’t understand or believe in a creature that lies and can’t tell the truth, they are design to deceive, and very good at it . They had thousands of years of practice. never let them speak.
    I hope some one might gain some insight into this and it helps some one. good night.

  • Ed

    Sadly thre are always those that want to believe that mental health has some extra spiritual contagion element.Such people are not going to go away and they ae often enthusiastic about promoting their medieval beliefs.Its tempting to think that this is all a matter of education and that mental health professionals will be immune to such beliefs by dint of their training.I have worked in mental health now for twenty one years and have time to time discovered that a professionals culture and belief system may intrude.Thus I have worked with nurses who privately wil describe patients as being possessed whereas for example they know enough not to describe the patients in that manner in patients notes knowing that will hardly go down well with whatever mental health services are being provided.That may seem a bit shocking but its true as to believe otherwise from the point of view of those that hold such beliefs would render them unfaithful to both their culture and their particular religious interpretation.I have found both C hristians and Muslims to hold possessions beliefs and its highly likely that Chinese culture has such folk beliefs alongside a wide range of other world cultures.All of this is s
    ad but true.

  • Light

    I live with a BPD mom and sister. My Dad died when I was 14 ever since I’ve been their driver maid etc through various forms of manipulation when I was young and loved my family devoutly it was fine I didnt have a life of my own at the time what I didn’t realize then is that it will never change its been a long time and my sister gets extremely angry and jealous if I have any form of independence. She’s like a chameleon she changes to manipulate she even steals your emotions then projects them back at you leaving you confused and feeling as if you did something to her which I’ve realized now is a tactic. My mom is a catholic my sister panders to goetic demons while calling me evil then talks about going to church with my mom but for my sister who wishes she could be real and dedicated enough to practice santeria which is just voudoun religion with a catholic mask just pretends for my moms sake. LOL And watching two bpds manipulate and tear each other apart is almost funny. My mother only believes lies….. She denies ANY form of truth or reality to the point that its scary. This drives me nuts as logic and reality is important to me. So basically she never listens to a damn thing I say and would rather argue my perception of reality or she’s actually on the abusive persons side constantly if I’m discussing at situation. To be blunt they treated me like a marionette doll ever since my father passed away. They have kept me from receiving any male attention or even medical attention the fact that I’m slowly emotionally aging is driving them nuts so when I do get these forms of attention my sister has to steal it or “out do” me so extremely its to her own detriment then Im supposed to nurse her back to health or take care of her child until she comes off whatever pills she eats like candy. I moved out and lived out of my car I’m so isolated from people and basically ashamed of what I allowed them to steal from me which is basically my twenties and my life that socializing with old friends doesn’t work because they remember me as the vibrant happy person they used to know who was going to be successful not some tired loser living out of their car. I couldn’t get a job depression over ran me so I came back home. The only reason I have a car is because I fixed the fuel pump starter alternator water pump on a car she left in the front yard. After coming back home my mom stopped paying her insurance let her license get suspended j UST sold her car because it needed a new water pump I didn’t have the tools nor would I be given money to purchase them so since I didn’t do her water pump fast enough which really was a job I didn’t know how to do on her vehicle my sister screamed and raged until she sold it to a junker for $260 then she took that money and bought a cell phone…. Did I mention she alsoquit her job and we have no way to survive. My nephew who is 4 that iI’ve raised is going to be in whatever kind of situation without a car. They blame me for all of this and say I planned it out to have control over them and to be the only one in the house with a vehicle because no one would believe my mom would be insane enough to cut her own wings just so I wouldn’t leave. So basically my mom put herself in this situation and the only way I have out is if I play the villain and they are the victims. If I want reality where they admit to what they’ve done I’ll never be free. I don’t think I could leave my mom homeless carless and jobless with a clear conscience. I’ve got to be damned to be free in this house. Oh and my sis inherited 100k hid away and devoured the whole thing with “friends” on coke now has a child and zero dollars wants everything I have even my eyes which she screams about. Anyone she has sex with but is ashamed of “raped” her its always her that ends up being the predator. I’d say using terms like demonic possession gives power to explain the real emotional impact and destruction they bring as if demonic where psychiatric terms kind of just gloss over or justify why people should know the FULL truth about BPD because non BPD people have a right not to be in the dark and constantly emotionally fed off of and used by these people because they use sorrow and guilt like chains and puppet strings. I’d hate to say this but I believe the only way to defeat them is to just laugh at the sad things that happened to them because they try to use it against you to rob you of their entire life but prepare for a physical onslaught if the emotional bullshit doesn’t work. Hope that your BPD isn’t homicidal if you chose this option.

  • Ed

    Hello Light,its obviously from what you write that you have had a lot of confusing experiences which have upset you. and that you still remain distressed.I live in the Uk where it is easier to access psychiatric services than The US{I assume that you are American}I do however urge you to seek some psychiatric help for yourself as whatever the reality of BPD for both your Mother and Sister i believe that you both need and deserve help yourself.It is obvious also that just like anyone else you have been trying to make sense of your experiences which must have been very hard.I had hoped that it was clear from what i had written above that i had no belief at all in possession type theories of BPD but ac
    knowledged that depending on their cultural background many do not excluding mental health professional of which I am one and with a BPD wife.I do not mean this badly but you will forgive me for not believing that your Mother panders to actual Goetic Demons but believe that you may have taken this on board.I see no reason in fact why your Mother or you would have any knowledge of a an obscure 17th century grimoire The Lesser Key of Soloman unless you had looked it up.I suspect that there is more to this case than meets the eye and once again suggest that you find mental health support as quickly as you can.My very best Wishes.

  • Will


    That’s good advice.

    I’m confused and curious. Where does The Lesser Key of Soloman come into play here? Could you explain a bit about what you meant in regards to that book in this context if you get a chance? Thanks

  • rose

    I have a sister who i believe suffers from borderline personality disorder—-and yes, when she gets into one of her “moods,” she sounds like linda blair in “the exorcist”—as if she is possessed—leaving lengthy nasty messages on my answering machine—-in a voice that is not hers—I love her–but have chosen to stay away—I cannot help her if she does not help herself

  • coolpop casady

    My dear Person, it sound as if you are so angry that anyone who suggest that BPDs maybe Demon possessed are so off the track, that they are out of their minds. Why is it so hard for you to accept and do some research on the two subjects. Is it because you make be possessed ? Yes it is a Mental disorder named so by Doctors, who don’t know one damn thing about the spiritual world or how it works, so their diagnosis should be taken not only with a grain of salt but with a whole box. I suggest that you do some research on the two subjects, and you might want to take a look at the ten commandments, for example, God says that we should not Lie, or steel and I see manipulation as a form of stealing, and many other of the symptoms of BPD are things the bible warns us not to do, So I know that God does not put these stumbling blocks in the path of a BPD, and then punishing them for doing them and their not being able to control the behavior. You need the ability to have discernment so your eyes can see what is in front of them, because you are spiritually blind.

  • carolene Jackson

    there are a lot of Demons in the Christian church, and they love to go to church, because they know that the church they attend is not a God fearing church, and the BP goes to create trouble. When a BP speak of religion they never talk about God, only religion, and they only say the Jesus, because it is not the same as saying Christ Jesus. And religion and faith in God and Christ Jesus is not the same thing, religion is of man. I have a lot of experience with a female BP in my own family.

  • carolene jackson

    My family members eyes also turn black or red, and she attacked someone and stabbed them and she admitted that when she go into these rages she is not aware of what she is doing and may kill someone and she has no control of what she is doing. No not this by it self is proof that she is possessed but putting everything together it does add up to demon possession. I have studies this family member for years and I know the difference in demon possession, and if you do some research so will you, but you only want to dispute the person who says that BPD is demon possession you don’t care about the other possibilities. So no one can tell you any difference because you know it all and your mind is made up, and I bet you don’t believe in God or Christ Jesus either, so how could you believe in demon possession?

  • cj

    maybe not all BPs flinch when god is mentioned maybe that is because they are not in an active excercism, the devil say god’s name and Christ’s name so why not a BPD.

  • cj

    Every culture have demon possession beliefs and have so for thousands of years, only people who don’t believe in anything spiritual don’t believe in demons, and everyone else is just superstious. what gives you the right to tell cultures that are many, and have been around for thousands of years, that they don’t know what they are talking about? and you have only been around for a few years and don’t believe in anything and don’t use the senses that you were born with, This kind of thinking is so arrogant and childish, even children know that they don’t know it all, and are open to learning new things. I hope you run into a demon so it can open your eyes and when you do it will laugh in your face, this is about the only way that arrogant people like you will learn and believe in something more than your existence.

  • cj

    OH, Now I understand why you don’t want to believe that BPs are demon possessed, it is because you are in denial, and you can’t bring yourself to believe that your wife is demon possessed, so instead of you looking at the facts you pretend that they don’t exist, so you can hold onto your safe little reality. Try this when she goes into a rage and her eyes change colors, and she is once again manipulating you and giving you the guilt trip, and ignoring you, and is angry at you for not being able to read her mind and get her what she wants, so she flies into a rage at you. Say to her I rebuke you Satan in the name of Christ Jesus and other passages from the bible and see what happens, you may finally be convinced that BP’s are demonic possessed.

  • Tony

    Of course its absolutely a demonic possession and/or infestation (I have PHYSICAL proof) and at the same time of course it can be diagnosed by man through the observable and many of the very real quantifiable traits outlined under the DSM-IV as well… so silly that you can only see it in one direction. I could go on and on and if you wish to debate I’d be happy to. Still some that “see so much” that it’s only in the way my friend – two HUGE revelations await you, the first will be “OMG I died” and the second “what – this God stuff was actually real” – Sadly the reason the cluster-B disorder prognosis is so dismal is because you can’t “cure” a demonic possession through application of any “known” science… you’ll get a lot further with a priest and a MAJOR injection of self-less love in a family – for typically these infestations stem from a parent(s) who are also under an infestation and the family suffers from SELF-LOVE (the basis of ALL sin)

  • Lorenzo


    Why you are so convinced its possession. I actually agree with you that it is and I will say why in a second. But what makes you so certain. There is a woman that i met a few years ago and we became romantically involved. It was through her that I have come to learn what BPD is. I am in love with the person but I hate the sickness. I know this to be a spiritual think because I have engaged in spiritual warfare before. I am sensitive to spiritual attack and presence…… in any case there were several occasions where this woman and I spent time together and very strange things would happen. She has at one point or another exhibited almost all of the clinical symptoms of BPD but there was more to it. And even though she sucked me dry of my own spiritual force and played a ton of mind games with me I still want to help her.

    Early on there were something’s that I saw in and with her which prompted me to point her in the direction of my Lord. She would never accept him. She always suggest that there is more than one way to salvation. In truth she was denying/rejecting him. About three weeks ago now she started her crazy making again and she had already sucked me dry. Mind games and cut downs and splitting and all that mess was on full blown. Additionally I think she had already harvested someone else to use. I think she got bored of me. I’m not certain if it was Ego or spiritual resistance but I got her out of my place and took a vacation. It was only after I left and started clearing my head and praying/becoming balanced that I was able to get answers on what the problem is.

  • Lorenzo

    so it’s only been a few days that I first figured that it is BPD and had it confirmed by her mom that she was diagnosed with it. But there is more to it. I have seen the actual person that she is behind her eyes. Also literally there were times when she was absolutely lucid and herself; where she would tell me that she cared for me and that I was a great man and that I should run away and forget her. Now I’m going through my own emotional pain so I have not talked to her in a couple of weeks. I am using NC no contact. Because she has recycled our relationship before and I don’t want it to happen again. I know what the game is now and I know I can’t stand her unless she gets help and decides to help herself. Because what’s in there with her is a terrible beast. I also have seen that behind her eyes when she is raging. Additionally I have seen it during intercourse; and that is when it steals energy and feeds.
    Everything that I have read on-line has advised me to turn and run! But I love this person. I love the actual person because I know her. It pains me to think that she is suffering so much. I used to see the cuts and burns but I had never encountered anything like this before. She would always say it was an accident. Now I know better.
    I’m sorry for being all over the place. I’m still not back to my regular self, probably at like 75 percent. I couldn’t help her right now even if i wanted to. She has texted me a few times but I have not responded. I feel bad about that too. But I know it’s not because she cares about me she just wants her needs met. If I were not on solid foundation in the first place when we met she would have destroyed me long ago.
    What can I do to help her? ithink this BPD can only be really understood as posession when it is manifested in a romantic relationship. Because the non-BDP is used as an additional hosts by the unclean spirit because of the whole sexual connection thing. IDK just what I felt.

  • Holly

    I am a diagnosed BPD and I am a Christian. I am not religious and not catholic!! I love Jesus with all my heart. did I ask for this emptiness, rage, depression etc….? NO I did not. I have suffered my whole life. and one day my wonderful lord is going to deliver me. do I believe mental illness is demonic. honestly YES I believe all sickness and mental sickness is demonic related. possession? no!! oppression? YES!!! the devil will attack those he finds a threat to him. and on a side note… I believe Cancer is a demon!!

  • Jez

    Hey I have not been like totally diagnosed with Bpd but I have every symptom, I lost someone I love by hurting them like a nutcase and I never meant to do it. Anyways, I was told by therapists I have this and I also make myself aware of it since its a complex disorder its hard to diagnosed but still the point is I am not catholic or religious at all but I do believe in spirituality and when I have these bpd attacks I can tell you I feel like something is taking over me. I know its not me and something I must fight. It is said that spiritual entities lurk in the shadows trying to find openings. So any doubt, fear, worry, jealousy, etc they feed off of only creating more of it. I am deeply into proof and scientific minded, but I also feel a sense of spirituality and I feel in my being that this is not me and it felt almost like I am being possessed when I have these attacks.

  • George Jefferson

    As somebody who’s lived with a person who has BPD, I would argue that their symptoms can be very similar to “demonic possession.” Maybe not in the Exorcist-type Hollywood sense, but definitely in the same ballpark. If you’ve ever seen a person with BPD lose control of themselves, you’ll know how they appear to be utterly and completely evil and monstrous. And so it’s not very hard to believe that some kind of demonic entity is capable of slipping into their body every once in a while and causing general discord, especially when the best explanation that the person with BPD can come up with is that they lose control of themselves and do terrible things without being able to prevent themselves. I mean, the person that I lived with literally said that it was like she was outside of her own body, watching herself. If that doesn’t sound like demonic possession, I don’t know what does. And even if it isn’t an actual demon, the person with BPD essentially possesses a demon of their own psychology, and the distinction is essentially pointless. If a person acts like a demon sometimes, it might as well be a demon of Biblical origin as one of their own making. The simple facts remains that a part of them is demonic.

  • will0s

    Lorenzo…I too noticed the external activity that started up when I got with mine, and I never believed in anything non rational. And by external, I don’t even mean her behavious, but things happening around us, and I mean with multiple unbiased witnesses and all rational avenues tried and tested and this paved the way to a truly bizarre future, and left me as a hollowed out haunted husk of a human being – with her or not.

    We should compare notes.

  • Andy

    This person does not know what she is talking about. I have seen the face, the eyes, the stare and the glare.
    It’s not normal… Believe me I see it at least once every couple of weeks. Now I’m leaving him.

    Please pray for my husband.
    Anyone who wishes to can email me.

  • In 13LOOM

    Not every case is but… You have to have knowledge about other dimensions and their entities…Just do yoru research, you don t have to be religious to understand the spiritual warfare that is going on in the (alien) dimension (ASTRAL)… These entities(angels,demons,aliens etc…) can grasp and put aside your soul when you got bad emotions so they can get the body of some serious sick peoples. Knowing that it is easy for me to believe in a theory like this even if it needs more data and knowledge about the astral. My wife is like this and I have to be perfect…or its warfare and the light shall let you free!!!

  • Messica

    My mother is diagnosed BPD. She has made my life hell and almost drove me to suicide as a teenager. I don’t want to believe that an evil spirit has taken her over because it frightens me, but her behaviour looks and feels truely demonic. Her eyes terrify me. I have nightmares about her. I put up with extreme criticism and abuse from people who believe the lies she tells about me, when I’ve done nothing. I know BPDs suffer terribly but my God, they know how to get sympathy from everyone about their ‘problems’. Those of us with BPDs in our lives suffer levels of fear and anxiety that most people don’t experience in their lives, or at least I hope they don’t. We suffer too but get overlooked, ignored and if we try to speak up, disbelieved. It’s truely a living hell.

  • Anita

    Hello I am University educated and have taken a lot of psychology and sociology courses. I was raised by narcissistic/sociopaths and was severely abused by them and my personality disorder siblings. BPD is not a chosen personality disorder it develops in the survival from abuse from NPD, SPD and Psychopaths. NPD, SPD and psychopathy are chosen by the people that have these afflictions. As far as Hysteria/anger is part of anxiety and panic disorder which could have a physiological disease attached to it. I prayed to God to be healed and he guided me to a naturopathic doctor that told me my adrenal glands are shot. My hands were very red and I would get red in the face very easily. I now take Raw adrenal glandular supplement that comes from bovine. Notice the difference within 5 days. Not all of psychological disorders are from psychiatric issues I would say they are a combination of physiological, psychiatric and spiritual issues. None of it is clear-cut. Not all people are demonically possessed some are demonically oppressed. Was raised in the church as a little girl but we moved and the family no longer attended church. For decades I did turn away from God and Jesus. But I still believed in them both. Trying to survive in this world and depend on people who are always bullying and abusing me has almost cause my death. I will rely on my faith before I rely on someone in a church or in the psychiatric field trying to cure me when the only one that can has already done so. By the stripes of Jesus I am healed. God bless.

  • Sunshine

    Oh man!!! Living with someone with mild BPD is hell. I’ve been married for 18 years to my husband. He never had any physical abuse that I know of but he have experienced abandonment and rejection by his father his entire life. His personality traits reared once I said “I do”. Money and sex is his life. Addiction, manipulation, verbal abuse. Risky behaviors…. It’s a cycle.
    I’m a mental health therapist and one thing that I have notice in people dx with BPD is that… they all have this look, this aura, this heaviness that you can feel in the air, this certain laugh… you are nothing to them when they are in that state. I notice that triggers are small… you see irritation first, they walk like a lion walk around looking to devour something, happiness and love is drained out their blood, and they put all of they’re hate on you, the kids, the pets… whoever is in the house… those people and pets are the enemy. I’ve seen my husband go back and forth with hisself and whatever possesses him. He has said so many times, he feels his self change and can’t control it.
    I total agree that BPD is a manifestation of fear, anger, and anxiety. I honestly believe that when in that state, the body becomes addicted to that thrill ( the feel of power and control) and that’s why it’s hard to control the emotions because those emotion gives a person the feeling of power and control.
    To think NO MEDICATION can help bring back the balance but only good cognitive therapy. But forgiveness is the medicine for this disorder.

  • Patrick Denison

    Wow. I just read this entire post and I am floored. I wonder if we all got here the same way. Looking for a connection between BPD and demonic possession. My ex wife is BPD. She is regarded as the most evil person anyone that I know has ever met, and it’s not even close. She actually may be Satan herself. Some have mentioned external or peripheral events or coincidence,. The night I met her, I went to jail later that night and my friend who picked me up who was pregnant with twins, lost one of the twins. I met her at a bar, she was married. I didn’t know she was married until I approached her. She was looking at me from across the bar. We made eye contact from about 50 ft. God told me in that moment, do not approach, I could see the evil in her eyes but I ignored God and my instinct. I payed the price. I would love to connect with everyone here. Please feel free to find me. patrickdenison

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