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DBT Self-Help App for the iPhone under works

Swedish DBT researchers and clinicians prepare to release a DBT app for the iPhone. Yesterday, I received a message from Andres Nordlund. It read:

My name is Andreas and I follow your web and twitter messages.

I’ve noticed and applaud your efforts to help BPD and self-harm in particular.I would like to make you aware of my newest project which is a DBT Self-help app for Iphone. Developed by myself in collaboration with some of Swedens top DBT-therapist we hope that this App really will contribute to therapy effects, especially with skill acquisition and generalization into everyday life and crisis situations.

Please read more att and help spread the word, this app can help both therapists and clients.

The website (which is sadly still under construction)  includes the following information about the app:

The user will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Using effective skills to manage and regulate emotions, to act in relationships and presence in his life.
  • To cope with overwhelming feelings, without acting impulsively.
  • Identify and regulate their emotions and change their behavior to increase positive emotions in life.
  • To increase awareness and strengthen its attention to what is happening here and now.


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