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Cosplay: the Beautiful Truth About Donning a Costume

“In everyday life, I suffer from a mental condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder, also known as B.P.D.. It makes it very hard for me to socialise, and making new friends for me is a very difficult task.”

Cosplay: the Beautiful Truth About Donning a Costume

by Tom Somerfield

The art of cosplay is a unique thing. Take a sizeable measure of geek passion, a couple of servings of creative talent and a pinch of courage. Mix it all together on an Iron Man chest piece, whilst stirring it with Mjolnir, in a pan made out of Captain America’s shield. Make sense? No? Great.

This week, Moviepilot gave me the awesome opportunity to attend London Comic-Con as press. As a UK blogger it’s awesome to know that writing for this site has perks wherever you’re located! I got to do a bunch of super mega awesome cool stuff – I’ve already posted an article showing teasers of everything I got up to, feel free to check it out – and this is one of the (many) posts that I’m writing thanks to the experience, covering what I discovered in more detail.

Naturally, at the biggest pop culture weekend in the UK, there are a bunch of people suited & booted as their favorite comic characters, which is awesome. I mean, until one dressed as Bane jokes about snapping your neck. Honestly, I think Barry Allen himself would be proud of how fast I ran…


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