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Children with Mental Illness are as Problematic as Adults

This can be a major problem later on, not only for them as adults, but for the whole society in general, once they start committing various criminal acts.

Children with Mental Illness are as Problematic as Adults

JULY 16, 2015

It is accustomed that psychiatric problems are dealt with once the first consequences start to show up. Thus, if an adult feels depressed or has committed an unlawful act due to his or her mental state, measures are taken.

Nevertheless, a recent study proves that mental problems should be dealt with earlier in life because children who display mild depression or unusual mental states that come and go, are more likely to have to deal with much more serious issues later in life.

The authors of the study, which was published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, came to the conclusion that it was not necessary for these children to have a certain psychiatric condition in order to display the symptoms that led to the difficulties they faced later in life.

These included criminal acts, unwanted early pregnancies, professional and residential instability, educational failures or addictions.

The researchers explain that these children have very mild forms of depression when they are young and this is why they don’t get diagnosed and, consequently, don’t benefit from proper treatment.

However, the statistics are quite worrying and show an alarming number of children turn up problematic when they become adults, even if their mental issues were regarded as minor.


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