Borderline Personality Disorder

Buckley woman’s struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder

You’d think asking what Borderline Personality Disorder is would be a simple question, but it’s really not.

Buckley woman’s struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder
Published date: 09 June 2015 | Published by: Rhian Waller

YOU probably won’t have heard of a film called Welcome To Me.

That’s because the film, starring Kristen Wiig, of Bridesmaids fame, is currently only out on limited release and on video on demand services like Netflix, rather than hitting the cinemas in a big way.

At least one person in North Wales will be interested in the film.

It approaches a subject that hasn’t been broached very often before in cinema, the struggles faced by people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a condition that is little understood among the public.

Erin Brooks, 21, of Buckley, wants to see Welcome To Me, in which Wiig plays a woman with BPD who wins the lottery and uses the money to finance a channel dedicated to just one subject; herself.

That’s because Erin was diagnosed with BPD several years ago and she wants to finally see an accurate portrayal of the condition on screen.

She said: “There are films out there that people have assumed have to do with BPD, even if it’s not actually stated in the film.

“Movies like Single White Female is apparently about a BPD sufferer but it’s an awful film which just instills the stigma attached to BPD to the viewer who is wanting to know more about it.


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  • invisiblerain

    I looove Kristen Wiig! I love the entertainingly funny and poignant way she portrays Annie Walker in Bridesmaids..she did it exceptionally accurate!! She wrote the screenplay, man! I always kind of thought and felt she really was/is a Borderline..because of the roles she plays, and because of how well she performs her psychological, emotional characters. In the Bridesmaids know, where she is at Lillian’s French-style wedding shower. Initially, Annie thought up the French theme and she voiced it to the other bridesmaids during discussions in one scene. But Rose Byrne’s Helen brushes it off as a lame idea. Well, Ellen steals Annie’s idea and plans an elaborate French-themed bridal shower at some humongous mansion..and well, Annie just cannot take any more of Helen’s Annie goes off. Annie has an episode and tears up the cake, demolishes the giant cookie display, ruins the outside party favors and decorations. OMG, I feel for her so much. Annie isn’t an A-hole..Helen IS!! (But I like Rose Byrne, too; but NOT as much as KRISTEN WIIG!) OMG..I looove this movie. I looove Kristen WIIG. I adore Melissa McCarthy!!! I am a BORDERLINE..and I AMMM DEFINED by it..and I am proud to be honest about all of it. I no longer allow my mind and emotions and feelings to control me, though. BUT I AM a Borderline, danggitt!! And GOD has always, I said always been right next to me..even when I didn’t know or care to see HIM. I want to see WELCOME TO ME.

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