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A note on the word non

Hi, everyone. I have had a comment on why I use the word non (or nons) on this site when I clearly have a distaste for the word. I use it because of the prevalence of the word on the Internet as referring to people who are friends/family members of people with BPD. I don’t particularly like the word (as evidenced by several of my posts), but since this is an Internet blog and since I get most of my traffic through search engines, I have to use it to attract traffic. I figured out that over 18% of searches that refer Intenet users to this site (through google and yahoo, mainly) contain the word “non” or “nons”. If I didn’t use the word, those searches would not land those users on this site. I created this site to help “nons” (or more appropriately, loved-ones of people with Borderline Personality Disorder) better understand the disorder. I am trying to help those people (like myself) more effectively deal with their BPD spouses, children, friends, lovers and parents. I think that there is a whole lot of anger and disgust at the BPD behavior and very little perspective as to why the borderlines behavior this way. Some examples of “referring searches” (with and without the words non/nons in them) reflect the confusion and anger the “nons” feel (and the desperation on the part of the people with BPD). Check these out (these are real): – do bpds really care about anybody but themselves – why do people with bpd lie to the ones they care about – does having bpd make you a terrible person – bpds do not care about peoples feelings – coping with bpd spouse – chronic liar or a pathological liar – borderline silence withdrawal from relationship Anyway, I think you can see many people (on both sides of the fence) are troubled and seeking assistance. It appears as though the anger and frustration is very high in the “non” community. That is exactly why I created this blog – to help “nons” transform their angry feeling into more understanding ones.