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When Toxicity and Misinformation Know No Bounds


Boy, it’s amazing how much bad information travels around the Internet at the speed of light. People are so misinformed about BPD it’s scary. Yesterday, I stumbled across the “Yahoo Answers” site for a question in which a woman asked if she could “help her partner with Borderline Personality Disorder?” There were 10 “answers” to this question. Here are some excerpts from each, which the misinformation pointed out:

“So, you sacrificed your children to a crazy person?? What is wrong with you?? Is there a clinical term for “glutton for punishment”?” Dissolve this toxic relationship immediately!

Judgmental. Non-BPs don’t need another person telling them to leave their partner; there are hundreds of people for that. This commenter is a “top contributor” too with 2,424 answers to questions thus far. I wonder how many wrong/inaccurate questions she’s answered. I guess some of her answers (like those in “Cooking and Recipes”) can’t hurt too many people (unless they poison themselves with bad brownies).

“Your Co-dependency is off the rictor scale when you place your partner ahead of your SONs safety…This is NOT about your partner.. This is about the health welfare and safety of your son… This is an abusive house hold!!!! GET OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY!!!”

Judgmental. Another voice saying “get out!” And the use of co-dependency, love it. I wonder if the woman asked the question, “My partner has cancer… is there anyway to help him?” What would be the answer then?

“You really should get yourself and kids out of that situation .Do it for the kids.”


“I hate to tell you this, but he’s not going to change. Personality disorders are incurable and they only end when the person with them dies.”

Oh yeah? Well, when did you get this information? 1980? The APA is considering taking the word “personality” out of BPD (and borderline for that matter). Look into the research before you hand out advice. DBT, SFT and Mentalization-based therapies all show promise in reducing the behaviors and feelings below the 5 of 9 threshold mark for diagnosable BPD. It is not incurable.

“you might want to get a little therapy yourself, bpd can really mess with your head sometimes… but then i am with my own mental problems. so take that with a grain of salt.”

Not bad advice.

“PLEASE SPEAK TO A THERAPIST ABOUT A BOARDRLINE AND WHETHER THEY CAN BE HELPED. imo and therapists I have spoken to the answer is no. Treatments (the VAST majority of the time) don’t work. Please don’t take my word for it, ask for yourself.”

Speaking to a therapist is not bad advice… but that the answer is they cannot be cured… that’s incorrect. BPD can be managed and all people in the support system can help. If this person had bipolar I – would you all tell her to “run away?”

“You’re [sic] “kind and loving husband” never existed. That was nothing more than a mask. Oh, you moved out? Then stay out.”

OK, leave him again… I think we got it. It’s amazing how angry people are with borderlines.

“Personality disorders CANNOT, repeat cannot, be cured. They are inflexible, self-sustained, and have a 99% chance of being incurable. Your gut instinct, and the FACTUAL evidence you’ve read on the internet, are guiding you in the right direction.”

Again, wrong… see above. “Factual evidence…” on the Internet is a laugh. The Internet is filled with angry (usually ex-) Non-BPs that are ready to tell the story of how impossible, abusive and awful their ex BPD partner was. I’m not going to argue that people with BPD can’t be abusive or rage at you – they can. However, if you see the problem for what it really is… it is more manageable than many other disorders. Educate yourself about it. Find out the facts. Learn skills. Or leave… it’s up to you.

“Personality disorders are pretty much the only mental problem that CAN be cured. It takes a long time and a good counselor. Personality disorders are not a biological disorder like the more commonly known mental illnesses. Personality disorders are conditioned behavior over a lifetime.”

Well, this is almost true. The behavior component is conditioned behavior and can be “retrained” out of someone. The emotional dysregulation and impulsiveness components are probably biological.

“You sound like a weak person. You would sacrifice your sons well being to have someone.”


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  • DB

    It’s obscene that the reasons for a person developing BPD are swept under the rug. Don’t sexually abuse your children. Don’t beat them. Don’t tell them they’re worthless. In short, don’t project your crap onto another human being. The likelihood of anyone developing BPD drops by 99.9%. Incurable? Any learned emotional disturbance can be unlearned. Use PSTEC (eliminates unwanted feelings) and take MCT-oil (lubrictates the brain and reduces intrusive thinking.)

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