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I’ve been hypnotized!

Today I was grumpy when I got up. I was supposed to get my stimulus payment today. I filed my taxes electronically, the last two digits of my social are between 00 and 20. The IRS told me that I’d get my stimulus check by May 2nd. That’s today. No dice. I really need the cash. I have outstanding bills and I gotta pay ’em. I desperately need to get my head back above water.

 So, I was a grumpy dude this morning. However, I downloaded a self-hypnosis mp3 the other day. Why? Well, one of the hypnosis titles was “overcome the fear of abandonment” and thought – BPD right?

 So, on the train I figured I’d listen to the hypnosis mp3. It is only 19 mintues so what the heck, right? I’ve never been hypnotized in my life and I figured, no way – this is bunk and won’t work. But you know what? I DID work. I got off the train feeling calm and refreshed. Amazing. With the help of the tape I hypnotized myself and it was extremely refreshing. I felt like I got 8 hours of sleep last night (or more) instead of the 2-3 I got. WOW. Maybe there’s some to this?

My BP wife says she can’t be hypnotized. I think ruminating is part of her feeling. What do you guys think? Have you every tried or have been hypnotized? Did it help?


  • BPD in OKC

    I got my stimulus check the other day. $1200, but I had to spend $710 yesterday to get my husband’s truck fixed. So that’s over half the $1200 already spent.

  • Bon Dobbs

    Bummer… I am due $1500. I made a little more than $150K (just a bit more I mean really – I made $158K). But First of all, I live in NY – in NY $150K = 80K in OK (sorry but it’s true) AND I have 4 kids, my BP wife doesn’t work – I mean sh*t, I’m getting screwed. Sorry you had to spend 1/2 of your check for your husband’s trunk – I guess sh*t happens. I just want to get back to even. You know? Hell, my wife spent over 100K on crap – but I’m not bitter… Spend some of the rest of your check on you… enjoy what’s left…

  • BPD in OKC

    Yeah here in Oklahoma things are much different money wise. My brother makes at least twice as much as me and lives in California, and we’re in about the same financial situation.

  • Sunshine

    I’ve never been hypnotized, but i am guessing it’s almost the same in a way as meditation (state of relaxation, etc). But if you’re talking about the type of hypnosis that can make you think you are a pregnant man or something, that i don’t believe. haha.

  • Bon Dobbs

    Nah, not the “walk around like a chicken” type. It is therapeutic hypnotism like meditation. The thing that amazed me about it is that I didn’t have to do much. With mindfulness you have to maintain attention while letting go of thoughts of past and future and be in the now. But this trance state was not nearly as difficult to obtain.

  • Eric

    I have never been hypnotized but I do meditate quite a bit. My wife has BPD and she did try hypnosis a few times. She says they weren’t able to get her into a complete state of hypnosis because her mind couldn’t stop racing. I wanted her to try again but she lost interest rather quickly.

    My “rebate” is due on Friday. I’m only getting $1,300 though. My income is similar to yours, but I only have one child.

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