Borderline Personality Disorder

From hellish cycles to stability: A mental health story

“One in four people will have mental illness,” she said, in their lifetime. That’s a lot of people.

From hellish cycles to stability: A mental health story
Stephanie Dickrell

Eventually, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

“People think of you for (your diagnosis). You shouldn’t live your diagnosis. That’s what I’m trying to get out to people,” she said.

But it didn’t start there. Hagfors had a hard time making and keeping friends as a child. Borderline personality disorder isn’t something that just happens. It develops over time via the environment, usually in childhood.

“I was very emotional growing up. Like every little thing bothered me,” she said. “In school, I’d maybe have one friend. I tried to be in things like band. But I would come home from school and just cry all night long.”

Because of stress, Hagfors has been grinding her teeth since she was a year old.

She was really good at basketball, but anxiety won.


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