Borderline Personality Disorder

Some coaching advice: Don’t wait too long to ask for help

One thing I’ve noticed recently about my coaching clients is that many of them come in too late. These people are mainly men (and some women) with spouses with BPD and they want to maintain a relationship with their spouse, but, typically, the relationship is in a very bad situation when they call me. The marriage is breaking apart, the wife has filed for divorce, the wife has taken the kids and left – that sort of thing. I realize that the pain has to be pretty high for a person to reach out to someone like me, but I would encourage you, if you’re considering getting guidance about your relationship with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder and your goal is to improve the relationship, sign up EARLY. Don’t wait until you’re all the way in the basement before your get this guidance. Most of my most successful and peaceful clients started early with coaching.

If you’re interested in coaching, you can read more about it.

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