Borderline Personality Disorder,  Suicide

Predicting Suicide Risk in Veterans

Dr Marianne Goodman presented at the APA Annual Meeting on the Assessment of Predictors of High-Risk Mixed-Diagnosis Suicidal Veterans. Dr Goodman examined suicidal veterans and asked whether measures of impulsive aggression differ across patient groups. These included non-attempters, single attempters, and multiple attempters, with a hypothesis that indices of impulsive aggression would distinguish across groups.

Veterans between the ages of ages 18 and 55 years who were non-psychotic and without significant head trauma were eligible to participate. A total of 155 subjects enrolled in the Department of Defense-funded study of risk assessment completed a battery of measures. These included structured clinical interviews, resiliency, trauma, demographics, and interpersonal functioning. Items relating to impulsivity or aggression were selected from the Diagnostic Instrument for Borderline Personality Disorder, the Alcohol(Drug information on alcohol) Severity Index, and Interpersonal Psychological Survey (IPS), and responses across groups (88 non attempters, 28 single attempters, and 39 multiple attempters) were compared.

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