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When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition available in Kindle Store

When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition is now available for the Kindle! It should be available in printed form on Amazon and other retailers shortly!

When Hope is Not Enough, Second Edition: A how-to guide for living with and loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (Kindle Edition)

Does someone you love have Borderline Personality Disorder? Are you in a relationship with a difficult person? Does this person rage at you for no reason at all? Is everything always YOUR fault? Do you feel lied to and manipulated? Do you believe that there is nowhere to turn? When Hope is Not Enough (WHINE) is here to help. WHINE provides a step-by-step plan for dealing with people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or BPD traits. WHINE can help rebuild your relationship and help you create a calmer life. Learn how to live with and love someone with BPD.

The second edition brings 33% more material, skills and advanced tools. Readers of the first edition will find new approaches, detailed explanations and much more material.

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  • invisiblerain

    Yets. Yets. Yets, and yes. But no to the last two questions. Hope IS enough for me, because I look to the Lord for my strength and my hope. I do not look to man for anything. Period. You do not have to agree with me. You do not have to take my side. You do not have to see things from my vantage point. You do not have to like me and have empathy for my point of view. It would be relative and smoother, sure, but, I am so used to being the outsider, and being misunderstood, and being unfit amongst the masses. Oh well, life does go on, because I DO have hope in my God, my Creator, My Lord. Thank you very much. I am a Borderline, and I AM defined by it. I recognize that people react to me in subtle undertones..that they think I think I am better than them. N,o, the F I do NOT. Got it? I am outspoken in my values, beliefs, and in my opinions. I have character because I am honest, straightforward, incisive, self-deprecating, humorous, and loyal to my Creator. Period. Pray for me, though, because I am a human rose in the flesh, with thorns all about me. Peace.

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