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Experts Argue that BPD should be an Axis I disorder

A short article from regarding an Article in Biological Psychiatry about moving BPD to Axis I:

Experts Argue That Borderline Personality Disorder Should Be Shifted to Axis I

Thursday October 16, 2008

In a recent paper published in Biological Psychiatry, Dr. Antonia New and her colleagues at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Bronx VA Medical Center argue the case for shifting borderline personality disorder (BPD) from Axis I to Axis II of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).In the most current, fourth edition of the DSM, BPD is diagnosed on Axis II, which is reserved for “longstanding disorders,” such as personality disorders. In their paper, Dr. New and her colleagues argue that research has not supported the distinction between BPD and Axis I disorders, and that moving BPD to Axis I will spur new research on this serious condition.


  • Eric

    I agree that it is an Axis I disorder.

    However I don’t really understand the concept of Axis II. Everything can be traced back to biochemical causes, so what exactly does a personality disorder mean and how can it be separated from clinical causes? I can see a few cases of disorders where it is clearly a psychological vs a psychiatric disorder, but most everything has components of both.

  • Kelly

    It would be truly wonderful if BPD was switched to Axis I. I have also heard much discussion of a name change in addition to the Axis switch. These subtle changes (in my opinion) could de-stigmatize this diagnosis in a way could help many BPDs to feel that they are not their disorder. This could be a positive change toward person-first treatment in the BPD community. Let’s hope…

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