Borderline Personality Disorder

Donation Drive: Raising $2,000 to keep ATSTP on the Internet and Thriving!

Donation drive time! Help keep ATSTP active and on the Internet. I recently changed hosting providers. The billing for the new provider works differently than the one I have had for the last 7 years. I want to raise $2,000 USD for the full annual support of I typically only run one of these (annoying) things a year. I do it around October/November because that is when my annual bills for hosting, name services, etc. are due (not everything, but the bulk). I don’t bother my newsletter subscribers with it.

THIS IS THE ONLY FUNDRAISING POST THIS YEAR. If you’ve already donated, you can stop reading now. Thank you for your help!

So far, since the beginning of October I have raised $1,400.00. Thanks for that! I would like to raise the $2,000, which will pay for my hosting, my technical services and some education for me (which I can relate to you) during the next year – October 2012 – October 2013. Here’s a pic:


Donations thus far

The $1,400 dollars was raised from 13 donors. Please help if you can. And yes, I know there are probably many people asking you for money these days (if in the US and on Obama’s list, you’re asked for $4 like every other day). Last year I raised about $3,000 from donations. If you can help, please donate. Thanks!

I realize that from about June to about September, I have been slow to post – that was due to the situation with my old hosting company, who… well, it’s a long story – let’s just say they created a security issue for me. Now I’m back on ATSTP to provide information for the loved ones of those with BPD. Lately, I’m focusing on MBT and mentalization.

I’ll update this post with the donation details. I won’t make it “sticky” to benefit my Kindle subscribers.

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