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Acceptance is not love You love a person because he has lovable traits but you accept just because they're alive and human.
-Albert Ellis


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When Hope is Not Enough
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When Hope is Not Enough
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Did Marilyn Monroe have BPD?

In light of the new film about Marilyn Monroe, I found this about her:

In one part of the book “Lost In The Mirror”, Dr. Richard A. Moskovitz, M.D. writes, “Elton John’s characterization of Marilyn Monroe as a candle in the wind captures the essence of the borderline personality. She is an elusive character lacking in identity, overwhelmed by a barrage of painful emotions, consumed by hunger for love and acceptance, and careening from relationship to relationship and impulse to impulse in a desperate attempt to control these feelings.”


Borderline personality disorder accounts for almost 25 percent of psychiatric hospitalizations in this country. Lost in the Mirror takes readers behind the erratic behavior of this puzzling disorder, examining its underlying causes and revealing the unimaginable pain and fear beneath its surface.
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