Peer Support Sessions with Bon Dobbs

Bon is no longer offering the email support package. It was consuming too much time.

“I have been silent for so long about my wife’s behavior. I was too embarrassed to talk to my family. I couldn’t mention it at work. It’s wonderful to be able to say these things out loud to someone who understands.” – a client of Bon’s

Bon is offering consulting/coaching sessions for PEER SUPPORT. If you have a loved one with BPD, diagnosed or suspected, Bon is your peer and can share experiences to guide you.

These cost $75/hour and are typically done over the phone. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a real live person to talk to about your loved one with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

If you can’t talk to family or friends, if you’re completely isolated because of embarrassment and confusion – talk with Bon. 

These sessions are a way to help you more completely understand the behavior and feelings of someone with BPD. Bon draws on his experiences with a spouse and child with BPD.

NOTE: the sessions are not an alternative to therapy or a form of therapy of any kind. Bon Dobbs is NOT a therapist or a mental health professional of any kind. He is a Non-BP with many years of experience living with family members with BPD and BPD traits.

Why go to therapy if there’s nothing wrong with you?

Bon has nothing against therapy. Therapy can be very helpful. Yet, many times the therapist is not acquainted with the issues that arise by having a family member (or friend) with BPD. Also, therapy assumes that YOU have some sort of disorder. It’s a mental health model.

If you’re not mentally unhealthy then what you need is PEER SUPPORT.

Bon believes that family members of people with Borderline Personality Disorder need to acquire emotional skills to be effective and successful in these often tumultuous relationships. Like any set of skills, until you gain complete mastery over them, you’re bound to fumble around and make mistakes.

Sometimes you need someone who has been through it help guide you.

You will receive further instructions as to the logistics of the session when you complete the purchase.



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