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    Why Pete Doherty has jumped to the front of the line for BPD celebs

    OK, well, the other day I posted on how Pete Doherty has jumped to the top of my Celebrities with Borderline Personality Disorder (possibly, but not for sure) list. Why? Well, he just released a series of paintings done in his own blood. Let’s examine the other “evidence” of possible BPD…. (For those of you who don’t know who Pete Doherty is: he’s the lead singer of two British bands: Babyshambles and the Libertines. He dated Kate Moss and he is a regular in the tabloids in London for his erratic and criminal behavior.) Self-Harm Painting in one’s own blood seems to indicate self-harm. Here’s another article about Doherty’s self-harm.…

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    Amy Winehouse gets off easy – but maybe not with her dad

    Two Amy Winehouse stories came to light over the past two days. Remember, readers, Amy Winehouse is top on my list of of “Celebrities with Borderline Personality Disorder (possibly, not for sure)” – although it is likely that I will have to re-examine the list in light of Pete Doherty’s weirdness. Here are the Amy Wino stories: Her father wants her committed. Quotes from this article: [her father]: “I’ve told them (medical authorities) she is a danger to herself. There is evidence of self-harming and she’s a danger to other people because she’s attacked someone. “Obviously as her dad I will try and do what’s best for her. Unfortunately, what…

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    Role of Shame in BPD

    Here is an excellent article about shame and BPD: http://www.soulselfhelp.on.ca/drm10shame.html The Role of Shame in BPD © Dr. Richard Moskovitz Can you discuss shame? Is shame not one of the most significant core wounds that must be healed in order to recover from BPD? Shame is fundamental to the experience of anyone with BPD and is the most crucial emotion that must be addressed if recovery is to occur. Shame is often confused with guilt, but these emotions have very different meanings. Shame is about who we are, while guilt is about what we do. Shame therefore reflects more lasting beliefs about the self than guilt. When we feel guilt,…

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    Emotional Glasses for Liars and Tantrums

    After reviewing Mrs. Treasure’s article on BPD and Demonic Possession, I decided to read at least some of her other posts at AssociatedContent.com. I wanted to find out if she had posted more on Borderline Personality Disorder and why she decided to post on the disorder in the first place. I think she must believe that her new husband’s ex-wife has the disorder, because she wrote another article called “10 Ways to Handle a Difficult Ex? Focus on Borderline Personality Disorder” which refers to the person with BPD as “she” throughout. I’m not going to agree or disagree with the content of that article. I also found an article called…

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    NIU Shooter and Self-Injury

    From MSNBC story about NIU Shooter: Troubled mind The discoveries added to the puzzle surrounding Kazmierczak. While friends, family, educators and investigators remain baffled and shocked at the gunman’s acts, a closer look reveals that Kazmierczak’s friendly exterior masked a troubled mind. University Police Chief Donald Grady said, without giving details, that Kazmierczak, 27, had become erratic in the past two weeks after he had stopped taking his medication. A former employee at a Chicago psychiatric treatment center said Kazmierczak’s parents placed him there after high school. She said he used to cut himself, and had resisted taking his medications. No related posts.

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    Are you pissed off at someone with BPD?

    UPDATE 10/2008:  This post is quite old… but it still applies. However, if you want to know HOW to do some of the things I mention here, I have recently published the I-AM-MAD communication skill, which distills one of the main skills that I present in my book, When Hope is Not Enough. Hi all. I have been monitoring the “non” email lists and have found a common idea that I believe is a misconception about borderlines. A taste of this idea can be seen in this paraphrased comment: “When will my BP be willing to take responsibility for his/her actions? When will he/she try and fix the harm he/she has…